One Piece: 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call From Buster (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)

The Call of the Buster was considered the most deadly weapon of the World Government in the universe ofOne Piece. It involves a large-scale naval invasion of the designated location, with enough marines to encompass the entire army of a typical nation. As a result, there were only a select few individuals who could initiate an order of such magnitude.

Until the invasion of Enies Lobby by the Straw Hats, it was extremely rare for someone to survive a buster call. By identifying the characters in My Hero Academia who were able to escape, we can better appreciate how deadly the marines’ most hideous tool really was (assuming they try to flee from Ohara).

10 Wouldn’t Survive: Tsuyu’s Naval Quirk Wouldn’t Be Useful Against Aokiji

Tsuyu’s amphibious body is surprisingly powerful. With a tongue capable of binding fully trained heroes and formidable legs to match, he has a reasonable chance of outsmarting the main forces of the Marines thanks to his innate speed.

Although most Devil Fruit users wouldn’t be able to chase after her after she submerges, Aokiji’s ice would be more than enough to stop Tsuyu on her way, as the slightest exposure could freeze the entire Marineford Bay. with a dense ice.

9 Survive: Falcons wings offer a perfect balance between defense and mobility1631179694 398 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Falcon feathers are sharp enough to stop adult humans and lift them up, meaning it could protect itself from standard marine rifles as it takes flight. Unlike Tsuyu, his aerial approach to escape would be much more efficient, as Aokiji would not have a clear way of stopping him.

Navy guns will continue to be problematic, especially since Hawks isn’t particularly tough. However, since he was ranked hero number two, it is safe to assume that he will be able to dodge enemy attacks with no problem.

8 Wouldn’t Survive: Eraser Head’s Quirk is not useful against a large number of opponents1631179694 392 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Eraser Head’s Quirk would be especially effective against Aokiji, as it would block his ability to freeze the ground. Ironically, your biggest challenge is navigating the huge number of Marines that will inevitably surround you.

Although Aizawa has shown a moderate ability to defeat multiple enemies at once during Shigaraki’s attack on UA, the Marines have formal training and are more numerous. Also, he has no clear way of escaping from the island of Ohara even if he managed to make it to shore.

7 Survive: Kurogiri’s Quirk would allow a quick and mysterious escape1631179694 286 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Kurogiri has multiple advantages when it comes to escaping from the Marines, the most immediate being the shadowy void that surrounds his body. If he expands his form to encompass enemy forces, he could teleport them back to their ships or even far into the sky.

Once the immediate threat was resolved, Kurogiri could simply use his Quirk to teleport, rendering the navy blockade useless. Sea prism shackles would be the only feasible way to stop him. However, that’s only if the Marines have fought him before, as they wouldn’t know how to anticipate his Quirk otherwise.

6 Wouldn’t Survive: Mount Dama’s Weirdness Would Only Make It A Greater Target1631179694 514 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Although Mount Dama is capable of reaching staggering heights, its durability is poor. She was almost immediately defeated in the conflict with All For One, meaning that standard Marine weapons such as rifles and cannons would have a devastating effect.

Even if they didn’t, Aokiji demonstrated his ability to reach out and subdue the giants during his encounter with the Jaguar D. Saul. Since Mount Dama lacks subtlety, it would not take long to be found.

5 Survive: Endeavor has durability, flight, and a way to fight Aokiji1631179694 660 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Endeavor’s success in escaping from the Marines is extremely high due to its durability. This was demonstrated in his battle against High-End, where he received multiple spears that pierced his arms, legs, and even his face without slowing down. It follows that the Marines’ shots would not be as effective even if they managed to hit it.

Furthermore, Endeavor was capable of flying at such amazing speeds that typical citizens had trouble seeing it. In addition, its abundant fire would be an excellent deterrent for Aokiji, as it is an element that counteracts his devil fruit (in a similar way to how water does against Crocodile).

4 Wouldn’t Survive: Fat Bubble Gum Has Horrible Mobility and Limited Defense1631179695 997 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

In theory, Fat Gum’s ability to absorb forceful attacks would be to your advantage in this situation. It would allow him to absorb more abuse than other heroes, making close encounters with the Marines more bearable.

However, Fat Gum’s mobility is abysmal, and he needs time to focus his absorbed blows on counterattacks. Additionally, it remains vulnerable to sharp weapons, such as swords. Given these insurmountable shortcomings, it would be quickly outgrown.

3 Survive: Toru’s invisibility would allow the perfect escape1631179695 38 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Toru’s offensive and defensive capabilities are very limited, but his invisibility more than makes up for them. By reflecting the light off your body and removing your clothes, you can pass between the invading naval forces and board one of their ships.

The confused Marines would continue to bombard the island until there was nothing left. Now safely aboard one of his many ships, Toru would enjoy safe passage back to Marineford, though he would still desperately need a plan after arriving.

2 Wouldn’t Survive: Stain couldn’t last on his sword skill alone1631179695 774 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Stain demonstrated enough prowess in battle to fend off Deku, Todoroki, and Tenya simultaneously. Since his adversaries had incredible speed and power, it follows that he would not have much difficulty taking down typical marines en masse.

However, the only way he could escape Ohara is by boarding an enemy ship. Since he would likely run into a lodge user (such as Aokiji or Akainu), he would find himself hopelessly outmatched and soon overwhelmed. This is due to the fact that he cannot lick their blood or even harm them without knowing the weaponry haki.

1 Survive: The Marines couldn’t match All Might’s magnificent physical attributes1631179695 763 One Piece 5 MHA Characters Who Could Survive A Call.webp

Able to leap through so many buildings that it could mimic flight, All Might would be able to subdue naval forces almost instantly. Despite the lack of haki weaponry, he could dispatch Akainu or Aokiji with powerful thunder blasts, similar to how he overwhelmed the villain out of the mud.

Although All Might’s tactic would disorient the admirals, it would not render them completely unconscious. Therefore, he would have to swim to safety while the admirals (literally) gathered themselves. With his leadership temporarily incapacitated, the World Government could not mobilize in time to prevent All Might’s escape.