One Piece: 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster Call (& 5 Who Couldn’t)

The so-called “buster” is one of the most brutal maneuvers in the universe of One Piece. It consists of the World Government concentrating its military power in a single area until there is nothing left. The force sent to eradicate the targets includes several vice admirals, at least one admiral, and an army of soldiers.

By placing the cast of Naruto on Ohara and gauge her performance, we can better understand how powerful such an assault is and whether or not she can take down characters from other universes. Also, it becomes easier to judge the merits of the best shinobi in the series.

10 COULD NOT SURVIVE: Sakura Doesn’t Have The Tools It Takes To Take On Aokiji

Under Tsunade’s tutelage, Sakura has become a formidable shinobi capable of passing through large iron pillars. Her healing jutsu allowed her to survive and defeat the standard marine fighters sent to kill her.

However, his heavy reliance on physical attacks would be his downfall. This implies that he would have no way of significantly harming Aokiji, who would be best placed to locate her before she could steal a ship. The kunoichi wouldn’t be able to heal herself if she freezes.

9 SURVIVE: Kisame Is Made To Thrive In Aquatic Environments1641980383 669 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

Kisame’s aquatic affinity would make it easier for the Marines to escape. By creating a huge dome of water like the one he created against Killer Bee, he could finish off all opponents at once (including Aokiji, due to his Devil Fruit’s weakness to water).

Even assuming he couldn’t steal a ship and sail away, Kisame would have no problem swimming to freedom moments after reaching shore. Akainu would have a hard time finding the Akatsuki member when he was submerged in water.

8 THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE: Giants Like Choji Misbehave At Buster Summons1641980383 93 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

At first, Choji might seem like a decent candidate for survival. His human rock would crush any Marines who tried to dispatch him, and his super expanded form is formidable enough to take on Vice Admirals.

However, Aokiji can hunt down and freeze giants in a matter of seconds, as he demonstrated with his victory over Saul by stopping Nico Robin. Choji may have the advantage of taijutsu training, but he still lacks the agility to dodge his icy opponent. The shinobi’s inability to fight without drawing attention is their biggest flaw.

7 SURVIVE: Onoki’s particle style jutsu and experience guarantee his escape1641980383 914 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

Onoki has dozens of perks that suggest he could survive a call from the Marines. His greatest advantage is his ability to fly, which would put him out of range of most Marine attacks.

Although Akainu and Aokiji have the tools to threaten him, the Tsuchikage’s particle style provides a viable means of countering them in the absence of Weapon Haki. By creating a large cube, he can disintegrate their entire bodies so that nothing remains, no lava, no ice, and no meat. Since neither admiral has seen his jutsu before, they are more likely to succumb to it.

6 COULD NOT SURVIVE: Kiba Has No Practical Means To Escape1641980384 492 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

Like Choji, Kiba’s reliance on raw physical power would only get him so far. The Fang on Fang technique can be deadly enough to destroy dozens of the Gedo Statue’s minions, but would not have a significant effect against stronger fighters (such as Vice Admirals).

Even in the event that Kiba reached the shore of Ohara, he has no means of escape. He can’t use his technique long enough to traverse an ocean, and attempting to hijack a ship is ill-advised with Akainu still in play. Consequently, the shinobi’s mission was doomed from the start.

5 SURVIVE: No one could touch Obito while he was using the Kamui1641980384 473 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

Obito’s Kamui is one of the most absurdly powerful offensive and defensive jutsu in his universe. It allows her to become intangible for up to ten minutes, as shown in her fight against Konan.

This would give him plenty of time to devise an escape strategy, especially if he benefits from the power of Pain’s rinnegan or the Ten Tails jinchuriki state. In any case, the World Government couldn’t do much against him.

4 COULDN’T SURVIVE: Temari doesn’t have the skill necessary to ensure a safe escape1641980384 684 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

On the surface, the odds of Temari escaping seem favorable. Its wind fan is powerful enough to pierce through dense trees, suggesting it could scatter most Marines just as easily. In addition, it also allows you to fly.

However, Temari cannot move with the speed of other flying characters like Onoki or Konan. Also, if her fan is damaged by the marine, it is completely blocked. Though the kunoichi would go further than most of her Konoha 11 allies, she would never escape Ohara alive.

3 SURVIVE: Naruto Has An Answer For Any Problem Thrown At Him1641980384 282 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

As one of the strongest characters in his series, Naruto surpasses the World Government in virtually every aspect. He could use summons of toads and shadow clones to scatter and disorient the marines while making a clean getaway.

In addition to being able to fly, his energy-based rasengan attacks would have a deadly effect against Aokiji and Akainu, similar to Whitebeard’s shockwaves. By the time they had recovered, the Seventh Hokage would have long since disappeared over the horizon, leaving only his duplicates.

2 COULDN’T SURVIVE: Danzo’s extra lives wouldn’t do him much good1641980384 80 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

Danzo Shimura has several advantages over Marines. In addition to being a skilled fighter on par with Tobirama, his time as the Foundation’s leader has made him a master of the arts of subtlety and assassination. He has even bolstered his chakra reserves with transplanted Hashirama cells.

Although Danzo and Baku’s wind bullets would be helpful in avoiding Aokiji’s attack, it would draw attention he couldn’t handle. The shinobi wouldn’t even be able to fake his death using the Izanagi, as he can only undo damage dealt at the last minute.

1 SURVIVE: The Pain Could Scatter The Entire Armada With A Single Almighty Push1641980384 691 One Piece 5 Naruto Characters Who Could Survive A Buster.webp

Pain’s Rinnegan offers a host of tools when it comes to engaging and escaping from the Marines. Since his Almighty Thrust was powerful enough to wipe Konoha off the map, it follows that he wouldn’t have much trouble destroying the enemy army (and Akainu along with her, since he can’t swim).

Even assuming that Pain couldn’t defeat Aokiji, he would only need to distract him with a single path while the others escaped. He could resurrect whoever was lost later, rendering the World Government’s best efforts completely obsolete.