One Piece: 5 times Luffy was right (and 5 times he wasn’t)

During the last two decades, One Piece has managed to remain a staple of shonen manga. Named the best-selling manga of all time, Eiichiro Oda’s pirate adventure story has always starred the beloved main character Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He and hundreds of other pirates have dedicated their lives crossing the Great Line to the New World to find Gol D. Roger’s coveted treasure, the One Piece.

Luffy is one of the most famous manga protagonists of all time, loved by millions of people, as his undying enthusiasm for the pirate life is proven. Unfortunately, there are times when your decisions are not in your favor.

10 RIGHT: Skypiea was real

The Skypiea arc began with the Straw Hat Pirates following rumors of a floating island known as Skypiea. However, it seemed that most people believed that it was just a fairy tale and that pirates would lose their lives looking for it. However, Luffy continued to believe in their existence and not only found Skypiea, but fought against his god complex monarch. He proved his existence to others by launching the Straw Hat ship from its shores, soaring through the skies.

9 ERROR: He thought he could save Ace1630832979 56 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

One of the major turning points in the general history of One Piece was the rescue of Portgaz D. Ace. After Ace was captured by the pirate Blackbeard and handed over to the Navy, Luffy went on a quest to rescue him. He followed Ace to the World Government super prison, Impel Down, and to Marineford, a gigantic floating naval base, where Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu in the Paramount War. Luffy’s failure to save his brother was a very sudden and unexpected turn for the series, as it was the first time Luffy had failed in an arc.

8 RIGHT: Saved Robin1630832980 684 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

Nico Robin was a woman hunted by the World Government for all she knew. He lived on an island of archivists studying the Age of the Void, a 100-year period in which history was blank. When the World Government found out, it bombed the island and killed all its inhabitants. Robin was the only survivor. When she reappeared as part of Luffy’s crew, the Navy set out to execute her. However, Luffy fought tirelessly to save her, even going so far as to declare war on the entire World Government.

7 ERROR: Failed to defeat Magellan at Impel Down1630832980 951 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

Magellan, the warden of Impel Down, was someone Luffy lost against and did not fight again. In his quest to save his brother, Ace, Luffy entered Impel Down to stage a prison break. That was where he met Magellan. Magellan ate the Doku Doku no Mi Devil Fruit, which granted him powers based on poison. Luffy had no means to counteract this power and he miserably lost this match. He was later captured and imprisoned at Impel Down.

6 CORRECT: He always knew that Sanji was his ally1630832980 995 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

During their encounter with the Great Mother Pirates, the Straw Hats were suddenly met by the departure of one of the oldest members of their crew. Sanji, the crew’s cook, gave up on her to return to his family, the Vinsmokes, to attend an arranged wedding.

He declared himself an enemy of the Straw Hats and even faced Luffy in a one-sided conflict in which the latter refused to fight back. However, after disrupting the wedding and rescuing Sanji, it was revealed that he was always his ally.

5 ERROR: Crocodile was the first opponent that Luffy couldn’t beat1630832980 490 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

The bow of Alabasta saw the Straw Hats fall right in the middle of a civil war and crisis in the desert kingdom of Alabasta. Crocodile, one of the seven Warlords of the sea, was imposed as monarch of the kingdom. To return the true royal family to the throne, Luffy joined the resistance and faced Crocodile. However, in their first encounter, Crocodile’s skills in the arena made him untouchable, as Luffy’s aggressive punching strategy didn’t work. It was the first time that Luffy had to step aside and strategize when facing an opponent.

4 CORRECT: He did well to fight Usopp1630832980 311 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

During the Water Seven arc, Luffy and Usopp’s discussions about the fate of the Sunny, their original ship, reached a boiling point when Luffy decided to abandon ship. Usopp challenged Luffy to a duel to decide the Sunny’s fate. Luffy accepted the challenge and fought Usopp without holding back. This proved that Usopp could be on the same level as the three strongest members of the crew, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro. Despite Usopp’s reputation as a great coward, Luffy respected Usopp and saw him as an equal.

3 MISTAKE: He stormed the safest prison on his own1630832980 658 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

At the end of the Sabaody arc, as they were about to enter the New World, the Straw Hats were attacked by the Navy’s new weapon, the Pacifists, cybernetic replicas of Bartholomew Kuma. They used Kuma’s powers to teleport the crews out to sea. After this, Luffy found out about his brother’s execution. With so little time, he rushed out and stormed Impel Down on his own. Not only was Luffy captured, but his brother Ace was transferred to Marineford for execution. In Luffy’s escape from prison, he also freed dozens of high-ranking criminals who would join Blackbeard’s crew.

2 RIGHT: Escaped Impel Down1630832981 920 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

Luffy was the first person to organize a planned escape from Impel Down, the safest prison in the World Government. After being captured in an attempt to free Ace, Luffy explored the various levels and factions within the prison, and assembled a crew of veteran pirates to escape the prison.

He then sailed to Marineford in time to stop his brother’s execution. This event launched Luffy’s status as a pirate and placed him firmly on the Navy’s radar.

1 MISTAKE: You underestimated Kaido1630832981 147 One Piece 5 times Luffy was right and 5 times.webp

Kaido was a villain that was built for a time. With the introduction of the four Pirate Emperors, One Piece had a new set of villains that Luffy had to fight. Kaido was the first one Luffy had a rivalry with after Zou’s arc. While well-known characters like Shanks and Blackbeard were revealed to be Pirate Emperors, Kaido was the immediate threat that Luffy had noticed. The fight had been prepared for a long time in history, and when he first saw Kaido, Luffy threw himself straight into battle. Kaido preceded Luffy by shooting him and imprisoning him in a labor camp. Luffy would then have to train to prepare to fight Kaido again.