One Piece: 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the most underrated arc (& 5 is Skypiea)

The universe ofOne Piece is famous for its impressive and memorable story arcs. From the Tower of Justice in Enies’ lobby to the beautiful villas of Dressrosa, there has been no shortage of attractive locations or antagonists that Luffy and his friends have had to explore (and, in some cases, overcome).

Unfortunately, Fish Island and Skypiea are ignored by most fans of the series. By identifying the ways in which these bows have been exceptional and unique, we can better appreciate which one deserves more favorable attention and which one is best left behind.

10 Skypiea highlighted the importance of the glyphs

Although the concept of the poneglyphs was technically introduced in Alabasta, Skypiea presented a greater opportunity to explore them. This gave the bow a significant amount of consequences, as the ancient ruins have the potential to unleash a devastating superweapon.

In addition to giving Luffy’s crew a tangible benefit in the long-term storyline, it also demonstrated how Nico Robin’s “archaeologist” vocation can be of use to the Straw Hats. If she hadn’t found the relics on the flying island, she might not have felt so personally connected to her new friends.

9 The Isle of Fish Man reintroduced old characters and contextualized their stories.1630659652 565 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

One of the reasons the Isle of Man Fish was so highly anticipated is because of the Arlong Park archway. At first, its titular villain and a group of rag thugs terrorized the East Blue and murdered Bell-mere.

When the Straw Hats finally reached Arlong’s house, they understood better what led him to loathe and attack humans. Fans got a chance to catch up with Hachi, the villain-turned-hero who played a major role in Luffy’s decision to strike down a celestial dragon and trigger the events that would lead to the timeskip.

8 Skypiea’s introduction of Noland made for a nice side story1630659652 632 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

Although Skypiea focused on fighting Eneru’s forces, she also spent time exploring the history of Liar Noland. Without their legend, the heroes would never have headed for the clouds in the first place and missed an epic adventure.

Noland’s story provided the context for the Shandorian presence in Skypiea and justified (in a way) his actions. Given that he was executed for telling the incredible truth behind his discoveries, Noland is one of the few heroes in the universe of One Piece who suffered a tragic and memorable death.

7 The Isle of Fishman was aesthetically beautiful1630659652 570 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

An often overlooked facet of the Isle of Fish Man arch is that it featured plenty of magnificent scenery. Although the journey to the bottom of the deep was arduous, the sparkling waters, colorful fish, and welcoming architecture took the Straw Hats breathless.

Considering the location of the story, he had the opportunity to present visuals that may prove impractical for the future adventures of Luffy and his crew. Although there are many celestial islands that heroes can explore (like the one Nami trained during the timeskip), there is only one place that fishmen truly call home.

6 Skypiea provided a rational setup for the arc of the seven water1630659653 115 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

When the Straw Hats prepared to leave Skypiea, they did not leave empty-handed. Expressing their gratitude for defeating Eneru, the Shandorians literally threw gold at their heroes and gave them everything they could carry.

The money would not be spent frivolously, as it gave Luffy the resources to take on the Water Seven in search of a stronger ship, as the Going Merry was in a state of disrepair.

5 The Isle of Fish Man paved the way for a future conflict with Big Mom1630659653 341 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

Following the defeat of Hody Jones, Tamago arrived to claim Big Mom’s “protection money” from the hard-working inhabitants of the Isle of Fishman. As they spent a great deal of resources on the celebration, they were forced to hand over the royal treasure to avoid the wrath of the empress.

In addition to setting the entire pie arc going, this provided an excellent opportunity to convey exactly what kind of person Big Mom was. Furthermore, he placed Luffy on the map as his enemy, much to the surprise and regret of his crew (especially Usopp).

4 Skypiea gave the Straw Hats a chance to show off their individual skills1630659653 467 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

Although the battle against the New Fishman pirates was exciting, it was not particularly coherent. With some 100,000 combatants, it was difficult to take credit for each Straw Hat.

Skypiea’s bow did not have this problem. Many of the darker heroes, like Chopper and Robin, had a chance to prove themselves against characters like Gedatsu and Yama. Even Nami managed to defend herself against Hotori and Kotori through an improvised and clever use of the impact dials.

3 The Isle of Fishman demonstrated how much straw hats have progressed since the jump of time1630659653 842 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

While the battle against the New Fishman pirates may have been less coherent, it nonetheless demonstrated just how far the Straw Hats had come in the two years since they made the hiatus. Each had a chance to demonstrate their acquired abilities, including Franky’s robotic suit, Usopp’s new ammunition, and, perhaps most importantly, Luffy’s weaponry Haki.

Although the villains themselves weren’t as much of a threat as their Skypie counterparts, they didn’t need it. Instead, they accidentally conveyed the Straw Hats’ devotion for the time they spent outside.

2 Eneru, from Skypiea, was one of the most powerful villains of the timeskip era that was featured1630659653 242 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

With a unique lodge fruit and the ability to produce up to 200 million volts from his body, Eneru was undoubtedly one of the deadliest villains before the timeskip. His Observation Haki not only allowed him to anticipate Luffy’s movements, but also to keep an eye on the entire island of Skypiea simultaneously.

Eneru was so powerful that he could destroy an entire island without any enhancement. If Luffy’s body hadn’t been suitably rubberized, he would have killed the young hero almost instantly.

1 Fish-Man Island’s Hody Jones was complex and embodied serious real-world issues1630659653 247 One Piece 5 ways the Isle of Fishman is the.webp

Although Hody was not as challenging as Eneru, he was a much more complex villain. Having been indoctrinated by Arlong’s anti-human propaganda during his childhood, he became enthusiastic about his beliefs and became obsessed with his vision of how the world should be. All this despite the fact that the surface dwellers have never directly harmed him.

In this sense, Hody’s attitude and story represent the ill effects of propaganda and indoctrination that are too pervasive in the real world. Furthermore, his character is a physical embodiment of the reservations his species has towards humans.