One Piece: 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary (& 5 It Was Silly)

The Thriller Bark arc followed Monkey D. Luffy’s battle against Gecko Moria in the universe ofOne Piece. With a strong Gothic undertone and an abundance of horror tropes (such as zombies, Frankenstein’s monsters, and vampire-type curses), you would expect it to be the most terrifying arc of the series.

However, there are dozens of elements that made it as silly as it was terrifying. By identifying Thriller Bark’s most harrowing (and hilarious) moments, fans can better identify the tone of the arc and whether Gecko Moria can be perceived as a genuinely credible threat.

10 Nonsense: Nami’s Battle Against Absalom Provided A Lot Of Yeast

Absalom took a great interest in Nami and repeatedly tried to make her his wife. This resulted in the bow’s greatest moments of comic relief, as it was thwarted by Sanji, Lola, and later even the navigator herself.

Nami’s interaction with Lola was especially silly because it convinced her that he was actually a man to ease her anxiety about losing Absalom. Even after Lola’s shadow returned to her original body, she kept referring to Nami with her male alias.

9 terrifying: Gecko Moria successfully stole Luffy’s shadow1634461190 473 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

Until Thriller Bark, Luffy had rarely been defeated by his opponents. The only defeats he suffered were against Crocodile in Alabasta and Lucci in Water Seven during the failed assassination attempt on Iceberg.

Rather than confront him directly, Gecko Moria used his arachnid minions to abduct the Straw Hat captain and forcibly extract his shadow from his body. Not only would this make Luffy vulnerable to sunlight, but his shadow would animate the warlord’s greatest weapon to be used against his own closest friends.

8 Nonsense: Brook’s presentation was as kind as it was ridiculous1634461190 213 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

When the Straw Hats entered the Florian Triangle, they soon discovered a huge ship allegedly abandoned. Their only passenger was Brook, a skeleton who greeted them to the sound of his music.

Although this led to a hair-raising match, Brook quickly disarmed the Straw Hats thanks to their charisma and charm. He made dozens of puns related to his undead status and even hooked up with Nami, much to Sanji’s surprise and frustration. Luffy took such an immediate affection for him that he offered him a position at the Thousand Sunny.

7 scary: Hogback and Cindry’s story was incredibly kinky1634461190 604 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

Cindry was Doctor Hogback’s undead personal assistant in Thriller Bark. When Nami, Chopper and Usopp stumbled upon his room, it was revealed that in life he was obsessed with her and that he stole her corpse after a tragic stage “accident.”

Worse still, Hogback had Gecko Moria procure Cindry’s shadow for an innocent maid to make her the perfect servant. The doctor’s twisted motifs made him one of the most sinister and irredeemable characters in the series, even though he failed to significantly hinder the Straw Hats throughout the arc. In the end, Hogback was accidentally defeated by one of his own creations.

6 Nonsense: Perona’s interactions with Kumacy were hilarious1634461190 75 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

Kumacy was Perona’s personal assistant and her most loyal vassal. As Nami, Usopp, and Chopper searched for a place to hide, they parted her back and sneaked inside.

Although it wasn’t long before Kumacy became aware of his presence, Perona refused to listen to him despite his efforts. As she silenced Kumacy repeatedly before he could warn her, the Straw Hats had enough time to calibrate Gecko Moria’s final target for Luffy’s shadow.

5 terrifying: Kuma almost killed Zoro1634461190 65 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

Kuma was sent to Thriller Bark to ensure that the Seven Warlords did not fall from grace again. Unfortunately for the World Government, Gecko Moria’s refusal to assist him rendered their foresight almost useless.

After Moria’s defeat, Kuma launched himself after the Straw Hats and attempted to kill Luffy. Realizing that the captain was too exhausted to defend himself, Zoro took his place and took down the towering cyborg. Upon entering a sphere that embodied pain drawn from Luffy, Zoro satisfied Kuma’s test and convinced him to leave without further conflict. However, he nearly died in the process.

4 Silly: Oars acted like Luffy when he was first reborn1634461190 569 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

When Oars was first reborn, he was not the hideous monster Gecko Moria expected. Since Luffy’s shadow was used to animate the giant’s body, he initially started acting like an (even more) immature version of him.

Oars imitated ridiculous behaviors like making pirate hats out of rocks, bouncing off a castle too fragile to hold, and even climbing to the top of Thriller Bark so he could marvel at the sea beyond. Many of Gecko Moria’s own henchmen wondered if he would calm down before destroying the ship.

3 Terrifying: When the oars settled, he was a monstrous opponent1634461190 50 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

With the body of a giant, Luffy’s experience, and Gecko Moria’s shadow manipulation skills, Oars was nearly unstoppable. Despite his efforts, the Straw Hats were unable to defeat him on their own, not even knowing his weakness.

In the end, it took Luffy and more than a hundred shadows to finally end Oars’ reign of tyranny. Even so, the heroes still had to finish off Gecko Moria.

2 Tonto: Sanji and Zoro’s zombies don’t stop arguing1634461191 225 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

As mentioned above, the behavior of zombies reflects the shadows of their owners, aside from artificially instilled obedience. When the shadows of Sanji and Zoro were placed on the bodies of Inuppe and Jigoro respectively, they began to fight seconds after meeting.

This confused Dr. Hogback, who had imagined that he would have full control of his creations after his rebirth. As he was not specific in his instructions, the undead forms of Inuppe and Jigoro destroyed each other and returned to the ships they belonged to.

1 terrifying: Gecko Moria nearly killed Luffy in his ultimate form1634461191 369 One Piece 5 Ways The Thriller Crust Was Scary.webp

With Oars destroyed and most of his minions defeated, Gecko Moria hatched his last contingency. By empowering every last shadow of Thriller Bark, he transformed into an incomparable monster.

Although Moria was not yet strong enough to defeat the Straw Hats in this state, his plan was to entertain them long enough to incinerate them with the sun. Fortunately, Luffy managed to regain his shadow before he or his companions could be fully immolated, and each kick he took against the warlord’s burly body returned dozens of shadows to their rightful owners.