One Piece: 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family

Cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is one of the main characters of One Piece who joined the crew after the events of the Baratie arc. Interestingly, Sanji is one of the most curious additions to the crew; Out of all the original five members who joined in the East Blue, Sanji was the only one with mysterious origins.

In the Tart Island arc, her true origins and connection to the Vinsmoke Family were finally revealed to fans. But even before that, there were several clues in the story that hinted at its actual origin.

7 Sanji called himself “Mr. Prince” in Arabasta

The Arabasta Arch ofOne Piece gave fans the first big hint about Sanji’s lineage. When the Straw Hat Pirates were trapped in Rain Dinners, the Rainbase casino, it was Sanji who came to their rescue after tricking Crocodile.

He had a conversation with the Shichibukai in the Den Den Mushi and referred to himself as “Mr. Prince”. After making Crocodile fall into his trap, he managed to rescue the Straw Hat Pirates and save the day. Although it didn’t make a lot of sense at the time, as the story progressed it became clear that Sanji was really a prince and he wasn’t called that just for the sake of it.

6 Sanji was the only one of the crew who knew about Liar Noland1629474977 52 One Piece 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family.webp

The story of Liar Noland was famous in the North Blue but was known to only a handful of people who lived in the other oceans. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived in Jaya, they ended up meeting Grillo Mont Blanc, the descendant of Noland.

Upon arriving home, the group found a book about Noland that only Sanji seemed to know. The rest of the crew did not pay attention to his information on the matter and fans reacted in the same way, however, looking at the incident now, it is obvious that Sanji’s knowledge of Noland’s life came from his time as part of the Vinsmoke Family.

5 Sanji was the only person from the “eastern blue five” who was not really eastern blue.1629474977 868 One Piece 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family.webp

Luffy recruited four crewmates on the East Blue, and along with him, the crew had a total of five members when they entered the Grand Line. All of the crew members at that time had been born on the East Blue, except for Sanji.

When the Straw Hats reached Jaya, Nami and Usopp were shocked to realize that Sanji was not really from the same ocean. Instead, he told them that it came from North Blue, which is also where the story of Liar Noland was very famous. Again, for a person to have such a mysterious past was an obvious indication that they were carrying a great burden. Unfortunately, the crew did not decide to delve into it at the time.

4 A child cannot cross the red line to get to the blue east1629474978 948 One Piece 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family.webp

Based on what Sanji told the crew on Jaya, it was coming from North Blue, and while Nami and Usopp found it strange, they didn’t think too much about it. If they had, they would have realized that to get to East Blue from North Blue, Sanji would have had to go through the Red Line.

For normal people, such a feat is extremely difficult to accomplish; Only those with World Government connections can climb the Red Line, as Pappagu mentioned. For a mere child, it should be an impossible feat, but Sanji was living proof of someone who had accomplished it.

3 Sanji’s first “Wanted” poster did not have his photo1629474978 986 One Piece 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family.webp

Although Sanji was one of the main fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates, he did not receive his first bounty until much later, in the Enies Lobby arc. Interestingly, while the entire crew took normal photos for their reward posters, Sanji’s was drawn by someone.

When the cameraman was asked about this, it was implied that the entire incident was a mistake, but the fact that he was the only one with a different poster was always very strange. Nonetheless, it was interpreted as a joke at the time, and later turned out to have a deep connection to Sanji’s past and the way Judge finally got his hands on him.

2 Duval was tracked down by the bounty hunters after Sanji’s bounty was revealed1629474978 295 One Piece 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family.webp

Due to Sanji’s poor drawing on his bounty poster, it was Duval who was instead hunted by the bounty hunters and the Navy sent by Judge Vinsmoke. The Duval tragedy was revealed to fans in the Sabaody Archipelago story arc. Although the bounty hunters chasing pirates seemed an everyday occurrence, the intensity with which it was done was certainly strange.

Furthermore, Luffy and Zoro, despite having higher bounty, did not come across any bounty hunters, and yet Duval was chased by dozens of them, which was shocking.

1 Sanji’s Bounty poster has been changed to “Just Alive” after the Timeskip1629474978 911 One Piece 7 Gifts Sanji comes from a powerful family.webp

The Straw Hat Pirates received updated rewards following the events of the Dressrosa arc, and once again it was Sanji who received the strangest reward of all. While everyone else was wanted dead or alive, Sanji was only wanted alive, meaning someone important in the government who had connections to him didn’t want him dead.

This turned out to be Judge, who, having finally gotten a new look for his son, made his reward change to just alive. Vinsmoke Judge, the leader of the Vinsmoke Family, wanted to use it to ally himself with the Yonko, Big Mom, and gain greater power to conquer the North Blue once more.