One Piece: 8 characters that would be the perfect match for Zoro

OnePiece It is not an anime that is typically associated with romance. For the most part, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, avoid romantic subplots. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating relationships or “ships” between their favorite characters.

As a badass and aloof character, but also fiercely loyal to the people she cares about, Roronoa Zoro is the main target of popular ships in One. Piece. It’s unclear who Zoro will end up with once One ends Piece, but when analyzing his relationships with other anime characters, there are several who would make a good match with him.

8 Zoro and Nami respect each other’s strengths

As founding members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami and Zoro know each other very well. Although they often clash, they respect each other. Zoro respects Nami’s skills when it comes to navigation and blindly follows her orders when it comes to steering the ship. Nami considers Zoro to be the toughest member of the crew, which she commented during the events of Thriller Bark. It’s clear that they both care a lot for each other, so it wouldn’t be strange if those feelings turned into something else.

7 Robin’s personality is complemented by Zoro’s1636710099 909 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

While other members of the Straw Hat crew are loud and boisterous, both Robin and Zoro are content to remain quiet and watch. Their personalities are similar and, although they differ in strength and intelligence, they both manage to balance. At first, Zoro did not trust Robin’s intentions, but over time he came to respect and care for her. On several occasions, Zoro came to Robin’s defense and was even enraged when Eneru attacked her during the Skypiea arc. It would not be surprising if there was a relationship between the two.

6 Zoro was initially afraid of Tashigi but came to respect her1636710099 609 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

Zoro’s relationship with Tashigi is unique. She looks a lot like Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina, which is why Zoro tries to avoid her at all costs. It wasn’t until the time jump that he felt comfortable being around her.

From that moment on, Zoro becomes fond of Tashigi. Although they are supposed to be enemies, it is clear that there is mutual respect between them. Their relationship has evolved a lot since they met, so it would make sense for something else to happen between them.

5 Hiyori understands Zoro1636710099 472 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

For some, Hiyori is a good manipulator who takes advantage of others, but the reality is that she is kind and compassionate, especially with those who help her. It was only natural for her to take care of Zoro after he saved her from a murderer. Hiyori and Zoro have a unique understanding of each other’s way of life considering that he is a swordsman and she is the daughter of a samurai. They are both proud people who earn deep respect for each other. Hiyori even gifted her father’s sword to Zoro, showing her trust in him. If love flourished between the two of them, they would make a good couple.

4 Perona has a soft spot for Zoro1636710099 321 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

In addition to the Straw Hat crew members, Penora is a person Zoro spent a lot of time with. During the timeskip, Zoro lived on Kuraigana Island with Mihawk and Penora while training. When Perona first discovered a wounded Zoro, at first she only helped him because he was the only other person on the island. After they gained mutual trust, she became more willing to help him. He even took Zoro back to the Sabaody Archipelago so he wouldn’t get lost. Zoro’s relationship with Penora is probably the most tumultuous, but it is clear that there is trust and understanding underneath it all.

3 Sanji and Zoro are rivals and best friends1636710099 977 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

Sanji and Zoro often fight. They are fierce rivals and compete with each other for anything. If his rewards change, Zoro will compare his to Sanji’s and comment that his reward is much higher.

Despite their disagreements, they understand each other better than any other member of the Straw Hat crew. Although he likes to deny it, Zoro cares deeply for Sanji’s safety. Zoro didn’t want Sanji to fight alone when he was a stowaway at the Puffing Tom and was surprised by Luffy in front of Pekom’s door.

2 Zoro and Kikunojo understand each other’s beliefs1636710100 647 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

As sword mates, Kikunojo and Zoro have a lot in common. Like Zoro, she has a strong sense of justice and a need to protect the people she cares about. Although they have not known each other for a long time, they understand each other perfectly. When Kikunojo was kidnapped, Zoro said that he would not help her, showing that he understood that she was perfectly capable of saving herself. Zoro’s strength and Kikunojo’s nurturing nature balance each other, allowing them to protect and care for each other.

1 Luffy and Zoro know each other better1636710100 219 One Piece 8 characters that would be the perfect match.webp

Of all the members of the Straw Hat crew, Luffy and Zoro have known each other the longest. In times of crisis and when it comes to beliefs, Zoro and Luffy are always in tune. For example, Zoro understood why Luffy didn’t want to fight Bellamy in Mock Town, and during the Arabasta arc, Zoro was the first to understand why Luffy wanted to fight Crocodile. They both respect each other’s strengths and blindly trust their judgment. When push comes to shove, Zoro is willing to follow Luffy anywhere.