One Piece: 8 curiosities about Brook that you may not have known

Look what in one piece there are peculiar and extravagant characters, but in Luffy’s group I think there is no one who can be compared with Brook. The bard of the Straw Hats appeared in Thriller Bank surprising everyone with his immortality and his swordsmanship skills, but believe me when I tell you that he hides many more secrets than he seems.

As expected, this character has more than one interesting detail that is worth pointing out and commenting on. Without going any further, then I leave you with eight curiosities about good (and perverted) Brook.

A very clear inspiration

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Eiichiro Oda’s favorite films.. The love for the animated feature film directed by Henry Selick and whose original script was written by Tim Burton himself was reflected in the design of many characters in one piece.

In Thriller Bank there are creatures that are clearly inspired by monsters from The Nightmare Before Christmas (Gecko Moriah in Oogie Boogie, Cindry in Sally), and the Brook is an alternate version of Jack Skellington..

His confirmation as mugiwara was spoiled

strong world
Still from One Piece: Strong World

The truth is that I don’t remember this happening to me, but it seems there were a lot of people who were upset by the fact that Toei Animation spoiled One Piece manga readers by gutting that Brook would be a mugiwara.

How did this happen? As it turns out, before the Thriller Bank arc was over, the company released a trailer for the tenth One Piece movie (One Piece: Strong World) in which Brook already came out as one of the band from Luffy. What a goof…

And this nationality?


Now I’m going with a fact that you didn’t know and I’m sure you find it very curious. On his day, Eiichiro Oda began to think about the possibility that the members of the Straw Hat gang existed in the real world. If so, they should belong to some known country, which would be the Brook?

well surprisingly would be a native of Austriaa. I guess it will have something to do with his musical ability and with Mozart himself (since he was born in a region that would currently be within that European country).

As many years as piano keys


As it is (literally) a skeleton with a life of its own, I am sure that many fans are still wondering what it is Brook’s exact age in One Piece. I suppose it is not necessary to clarify that he is the oldest mugiwara of all, but the truth is that his official presentation was closely linked to one of the instruments that he plays in the series.

Brook died at the age of 38. and he met Luffy and the others in Thriller Bank at the age of 88, and precisely the pianos have 88 keys exactly. I think this is not a coincidence…

Do you have a weak point?


Brook has a life of his own but he is also “dead”. He currently has no vital organs that can be attacked in an attempt to kill him. So we are facing an invincible character that cannot be liquidated?

Well obviously not, Brook can die if a simple condition is met that was already introduced in Thriller Bank. In a certain moment he was very worried when Ryuma damaged his skull, and this is because Brook would die if this part of his skeleton was destroyed (like a zombie). To recover from cranial fissures, the bard of the mugiwaras needs to drink a lot of milk (another curious fact that you take with you).

Are you sure your design is only inspired by Jack Skellington?


Brook’s design continues to raise doubts despite his clear resemblance to the protagonist of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just taking a look at him when he plays his characteristic electric guitar, you are likely to reminds of a very particular artist from a certain famous groupright yes?

I mean of course Guns N’ Roses Slash. I think this information was never confirmed by Eiichiro Oda, but it would seem very strange to me that the mangaka did not pay attention to this musician when creating Brook.

The other secret of his skull


Another curious aspect of Brook is that his skull keeps another great secret which is worth commenting on. Beyond being its great weak point, inside its head it retains a Sound Dial very special for him, since it contains the last song he played with his old band.

This is the classic theme. Bink’s no Sake, whose letter was elaborated by the very same author of One Piece. We all hope that one day Brook can play it again with Laboon.

The secret to grow

one piece

Until Jimbei’s arrival, Brook was the tallest pirate in the gang. from Luffy. came to measure 2 meters and 66 centimeters, an amazing brand and to top it off it was modified over time. Am I saying that Brook had a growth spurt despite being dead?

Well yes, the truth is that after the timeskip two-year-old skeletal bardor grew a whopping 11cm. As far as I know there is no explanation for it and in fact it doesn’t even make sense that it happened. Did he drink huge amounts of calcium-rich milk?

I hope that these curiosities of one piece you found them interesting. Do you know any that I have left in the inkwell?

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