One Piece: 8 curiosities about Franky that you may not have known

The Straw Hat Pirate Gang one piece always stood out for being composed of really eccentric members with a lot of personality. Usopp, Chopper and Sanji could be good examples of characters quite used to doing and saying crazy things from time to time, however I think that the most extravagant of all in Franky.

The cyborg who acts as a carpenter for Luffy and the others was introduced in a funny way and gradually won the hearts of fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work. And like all his companions, It has a series of curious details that are worth commenting on..

Franky getting the power of fire?

Perhaps some do not remember (I was one of those), but at a certain point in the Dressrosa arc, Luffy wanted that the Mera Mera fruit of his brother Ace fell into good hands. The power to generate and manipulate fire at will can be really powerful, and for that very reason straw hat proposed to his partner Franky that he keep it.

Obviously the blue-haired android refused, and the reason he gave for it was that I preferred to still be able to swim. The truth is that it is a respectable decision.

“Age does not matter”


At the time of designing and introducing the character of Franky, Eiichiro Oda never thought how old he might be. The interesting thing is that some time after the Water Seven arc, a fan made the relevant calculations and let the author of one piece that his half-cyborg character had 34 years (36 after the timeskip).

Oda’s reply was that he was very glad to see that a person “so old” was as lively as Franky is.

Breaking your golden rule

strong world
On the right we can see Franky WITH pants

One of the most relevant and curious characteristics of this character is that never wear pants. Always usually wears a bathing suit to go cooler, however there was a special occasion in which we could see him wearing pants.

This happens in the tenth film of the franchise: One Piece Strong World. In said animated feature film, Franky appears in long pants for the first and only time. wow.

A technique inspired by a popular 90’s show


During the Thriller Bank arc, Franky employs for the first and only time a technique called “Pirate Docking Six: Big Emperor!”which is based on the fusion of six members of the mugiwara to form the ultimate android warrior.

This movement was never finished because Robin refused to do something so pitiful, and if it seemed familiar to you, it’s because is inspired by the fusion that the Power Rangers perform to form their famous giant robots.

A full blown yankee


One day Oda-sensei began to think about the following: What would happen if the members of the Straw Hat gang existed in the real world? Faced with this question, he revealed which country each of the characters would be from.

I guess you won’t be surprised to learn that Franky would come from the United Statesas he is a young man who “very western” who uses expressions in English, is addicted to cola and loves to eat hamburgers.

Some very “his” sneezes

Another of Franky’s rarest and most special traits lies in one of the most natural acts of the human being. Throughout my life I have seen how the sound we make when sneezing varies depending on the person.

The mugiwara cyborg is no exception, and curiously when he sneezes he says “Franky”.

A somewhat different initial design

one piece
The second starting from the left. It’s Franky

Eiichiro Oda was always very clear about what kind of characters would end up joining Luffy throughout his pirate adventure. Some like Nami, Zoro and Sanji ended up being carbon copies of the first sketches made by the mangaka, however the others went through several important redesigns.

A clear example of this is Franky, who was originally going to be a skinny man who spent a long time in prison. In addition to this he was going to be an expert in creating weapons and cannons, but he was never going to use them.

The only one to meet a samurai legend

franky and oden

Of all the mugiwara, Franky was the only one who got to meet and even exchange a few words with Kozuki Oden. This legendary samurai from Wano and who later sailed the wide sea with Gol D. Roger (being one of the few who stepped on Laugh Tale), took an interest in a young Franky and even offered him to join his gang.

Nevertheless Franky refused and decided to stay at Water Seven. learning carpentry.

I hope that these curiosities of one piece you found them interesting. Do you know any that I have left in the inkwell?

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