One Piece: 8 curiosities about Jinbe that you may not have known

In the absence of making the article on Monkey D. Luffy, the great protagonist of one pieceit’s time to talk a little about the last nakama to join to his crew. Jinbe, the former Shichibukai, met Straw Hat in Impel Down and didn’t decide to fight for him until the end of the Fish-Man Island arc. Unfortunately we didn’t see him become a true nakama until Wano.

Although he played hard to get, Jinbe is already the helmsman that the mugiwara lacked, and as is customary in each of them, it’s time to review some of its main curiosities. Let’s go there!

Almost 400 episodes passed from his mention to his appearance

Do you remember Yosaku?

Do you remember the first time Eiichiro Oda introduced us to the Shichibukai? I do, it was during the Baratie restaurant arc, when Yusaku and Johnny talked about seven really powerful pirates who had been recognized by the Government. And to our surprise, they revealed that one of them was a merman named Jinbe.

It’s it happened in episode 31 of the anime and Jinbe did not appear in person… Until the chapter 430! The wait was almost 400 episodes, but it was worth it, don’t you think?

Do you know what animal it is based on?

whale shark

During the Arlong Park arc we met the first fish-man (newts in Spain), aquatic and terrestrial beings that are clearly based on marine animals that exist in the real world. Without going any further, Arlong himself is a humanoid sawshark. So what is Jinbe?

Well, the truth is that the ex-Shichibukai is inspired by the shape of a whale shark. In Japan, this type of large animal is known by the name of Jinbei-zama. And if this does not convince you, you should know that it also has similarities with bears.

What would Jinbe look like if he were a woman?


Years ago Oda-sensei had the idea to draw all members of the shichibukai with their genders reversed. These curious designs were collected in issue number 76 of One Piece SBS, and in addition to freaking out with Boa Hancock in the male version, many were amazed to see the fearsome Jinbe as a fish-man girl with longer hair and adorably giving thanks.

The Scourge of Gecko Moria

As far as I understand, officially so sOnly three characters from the world of One Piece have been able to defeat the fearsome Gecko Moria. This mighty pirate, one of the fearsome shichibukai, fell to Kaido, Luffy, and also Jinbe. This last fight took place during the War of Marineford, and where the merfolk karateka incapacitated the vampiric giant.

a curious nationality

one piece

have you ever wondered what country would each mugiwara be from if they existed in the real world? Well, Eiichiro Oda did, and precisely a long time ago he revealed what the nationalities of each member of the Straw Hat gang would be if this condition were met.

To the surprise of many, Jinbe would be a native of India. This is the first character in which I don’t quite understand his relationship with the hypothetical country of his birth. Do you see the union between this Gyojin with India?

What profession suits you?

Jinbe is many things. Pirate, karateka, gyojin, helmsman… But if it wasn’t any of that, what do you think he would be good at? Could he play a more common role outside of piracy? The author of One Piece believes that he does, and for that reason in the past he commented that Jinbei would make an excellent train operator. if I put aside the life of the high seas.

The most powerful fishman of all


By now you all probably know that in his day Jinbe was one of the most prominent pirates of the Sun Pirates gang. This group was led by Fisher Tiger, and after his death, it passed into the hands of Jinbe.

Does this mean that Fisher Tiger was the most powerful merman in the entire One Piece universe? Well, the truth is that no, since it is known that Jinbei is the only one of his kind who has managed to manifest and control haki.. So this makes it the most powerful of his race.

The second most powerful after Luffy?

one piece

If we look only and exclusively at the reward posters, Jinbe was the second most powerful member of the Straw Hat gang.. His adventures with the Sun Pirates and his subsequent role as Shichibukai earned him a very high price on his head. Nevertheless Things have changed.

Following the outcome of the Wano arc, new Wanted posters were released, and now Jinbe is the third most powerful pirate of the mugiwaras. Zoro has overtaken him after his great performance against the Beast Pirates.

I hope that these curiosities of one piece you found them interesting. Do you know any that I have left in the inkwell?

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