One Piece: 8 curiosities about Nico Robin that you may not have known

Nico Robin always seemed to me one of the most fascinating and mysterious characters of the entire universe of one piece. If you look closely, he’s also one of the ones that has changed the most over the years, and I’m not just referring to his physique, but also to his personality. In Alabasta we saw a cold, calculating young woman full of secrets. She is now a kind girl, with a good sense of humor and with very clear goals.

A character like this should have a lot of curious facts, right? Well, no more talk, here I offer you a selection of eight relevant details about Nico Robin, the Demon Girl.

As cold as the fields of Siberia

At a certain point Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece, was assailed by the doubt of what would happen if mugiwara existed in the real world. Naturally, each member should have a specific nationality based on where they were born.

In the case of Nico RobinOda decreed that if it were real it would come from Russia. Perhaps with the first appearance of her I was deceiving a bit (she had very dark skin), but after the timeskip she does look a bit Russian, don’t you think?

The “ugly duckling” from One Piece

nico robin

The fans have compared repeatedly the development of Nico Robin with the story of “The Ugly Duckling”. If you look, nobody loved this young woman when she was a girl, she was considered a demon and everyone rejected her, until one day she found some nakamas who did accept her.

At that time robin turns “into a swan” and embarks on a journey with his friends to fulfill his dreams.

How far does Robin’s ability go?

nico robin

As many of you know, Robin is a user who consumed the devil fruit Hana Hanawhich allows you to do that several copies of his arms sprout on any surface. To this day, the limits of this ability are not very well known, so a fan wanted to ask Oda about it.

If Robin has the power to make any part of her body sprout anywhere, does this also include her breasts? (You see that this person rambled a bit). Faced with this question, Oda-sensei replied that probably yes i could do it.

The only one who knows Law’s secret

one piece

Trafalgar Law is a character who is also reluctant to open up to others, in part because of his dark past. However, there is a person to whom he entrusted one of his most precious secrets.

At a certain point in the Wano arc, Law confesses to Nico Robin that his real name is Trafalgar D. she is one of the people who carries the Will of D. At this point she is the only mugiwara who knows this vitally important piece of information.

Robin saves money in cologne

One of Eiichiro Oda’s most recurring comments refers to the body odor that each member of the Straw Hat gang gives off. For example, Zoro smells like steel from spending so much time with his swords, while Usopp smells like gunpowder from the inventions he’s working on.

In the case of Nico Robin, the smell he gives off is always of flowers, which is why he never needs to use any type of perfume. Pretty lucky, huh?

Highest First Reward

nico robin

In One Piece we were told that the first mugiwara to get a reward was Luffy after defeating Arlong. However, if we review the past and future events of the band, the truth is that Nico Robin was the first to get a rewardand also very high.

When I was a lonely girl, pirates and the Navy chased Robin for having a price on his head of nothing more and nothing less than 79 million berries. The Luffy’s initial bounty was 30 million.

What type of flower represents Robin?

nico robin

Now we are clear that Nico Robin and the flowers have a special bond. In addition to giving off a floral scent, this character shouts mille-fleur before executing an attack. But in the world there is a lot of this type of plants. What is the one that really represents it?

According to Oda there is a flower that really fits Robin, and that is the calendula.

And your animal?

Another issue related to flowers is their relationship with a specific animal. Every member of Luffy’s crew has an animal with which it has a special bond. In Zoro’s case, for example, it’s the shark.

For Oda, the animal that best represented Nico Robin was the cranehowever he changed his mind at some point, since now he says that the being that best fits the young woman is a hawk.

I hope that these curiosities of one piece you found them interesting. Do you know any that I have left in the inkwell?

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