One Piece: 8 Great Things Shanks Did Before He Met Luffy

Shanks’ life in One Piece is mostly connected to Luffy. He did, however, do a lot of important things before he met him.

Very few anime have reached the level of success of One Piece. Now that the manga has entered its final saga, the end is finally in sight. This means that a few major characters will ultimately play an important role in the story. Shanks is one of those characters. He barely appeared on the show, even though he’s been there since the beginning.

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors, which means he’s one of the strongest characters in all of One Piece. Let’s not forget, by the way, that he inspired Luffy to become a pirate. For most fans, the majority of Shanks’ life has been connected to Luffy, but he lived his life well before meeting the captain of the Straw Hat crew.

8 – He joined Roger’s crew


Like Luffy, Shanks wanted to be a pirate from an early age. At just nine years old, he joined the crew of the legendary pirate Roger. He was an apprentice at the time, but he was still a full member of the crew. So he joined them on many adventures.

The Roger Pirates were the only crew to successfully sail the entire Grand Line. They are the only crew known to have set foot on Laugh Tale, the legendary island that holds the treasure of One Piece. Unfortunately, Shanks never made it to Laugh Tale, as he stayed behind to care for his seriously ill fellow student.

7 – He made Buggy a Devil Fruit consumer


Buggy was the famous apprentice to have fallen ill. This one joined Roger’s crew at the same time as Shanks. They spent a lot of time together, and they tended to argue over trivial things. During a raid, the crew found the Bara Bara no Mi fruit. When Buggy learned of its value, he tried to steal it for himself.

He ate a fake version of the fruit to fool the crew, but when Shanks found it, he hid the real one in his mouth. Shanks walks away, but returns a moment later and surprises Buggy. He then accidentally swallowed the fruit. Buggy never forgave Shanks for that. It’s not all bad though given Buggy’s accomplishments since the time jump.

6 – He participated in Ed War


There are only a handful of pirates who can challenge Shanks, including Shiki, the captain of the Golden Lion crew. Shiki was originally a member of Rocks’ crew. He and Roger therefore had a common history. 27 years before the story begins, Shiki and his fleet faced Roger’s crew.

The incident is known as the Ed War, and Shanks fought alongside his teammates. He even reassured Buggy that the Bara Bara no Mi fruit made him immune to the sword strike. Shiki’s fleet had the advantage of numbers, but the battlefield was hit by a hurricane that destroyed half of Shiki’s ships. This allowed Roger’s crew to overwhelm the opposing fleet and win the battle.

5 – He witnessed the execution of Roger


Roger disbanded the crew shortly after becoming the Pirate King. In his last year of life, he met Portgas D. Rouge and fell in love with her. When he learned that she was pregnant, he surrendered to the Marin, who executed her in Loguetown, the town where he was born.

The execution was a public affair. It was then that Roger spoke his last words. This speech inspired a new generation of hackers. Famous people attended, including Shanks, who mourned the death of his former captain.

4 – Shanks and Mihawk have faced each other many times


Dracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world, which makes sense given his mastery of all bladed weapons and his keen eyesight. He is a former Sea Lord. When the Navy tried to capture him, he managed to defeat a fleet including several Vice Admirals single-handedly.

Mihawk is one of the most honorable characters in One Piece. This is why he no longer challenges Shanks to a duel. They have faced each other many times in the past, but with a view to mihawk to have the title of strongest swordsman in the world, he needed to win the last duel against Shanks. Ever since Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk saw no reason to keep fighting him.

3 – He beat Blackbeard


For now, Blackbeard and Shanks are the strongest of the new Yonko, and they have a common history. The two characters first met when Blackbeard was a member of Whitebeard’s crew. They both fought for their respective crew on an unnamed island near Paradise.

They fought years later. It was Blackbeard who gave Shanks his scar around his left eye. This happened before Blackbeard possessed both of his Devil Fruit powers, showing that he is a formidable fighter with strong Haki.

2 – He recruited Usopp’s father


Usopp is one of Luffy’s closest friends, and he has one of the saddest stories. His father plays an important role in this story, as he left Usopp and his mother to join a pirate crew. This crew was that of the red-haired pirate.

Two years after Roger’s execution, Shanks visited Gecko Island in search of Yasopp. He heard that Yasopp was a talented marksman. Yasopp, however, did not join the crew until Usopp was born. He joined Shanks in Luffy’s hometown, and has since become an officer.

1 – He stole the Gomu Gomu fruit from the World Government


Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu fruit shortly after meeting Shanks. During the Warno Arc, it was revealed how Shanks came to possess the infamous Devil Fruit. It turned out that the gomu gomu fruit is actually a mythical Zoan that allows the user to transform into a legendary sun god capable of turning his body into rubber.

The World Government has been researching this Devil Fruit for centuries, as it is linked to Joy Boy and the Void Century. When Shanks and his crew attacked the government ship, they found the Devil Fruit and stole it.

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