One Piece: 8 harsh realities of being one of the four emperors

The Four Emperors of the Sea, also known as the Yonko, are the four most powerful pirates in the world of One Piece. They are quite powerful and are known to be the rulers of the second half of the Grand Line, known as the New World. The Yonko possess enormous power, both in terms of combat ability and influence in the world.

All of them have very numerous crews and have innumerable territories under their dominion, as if they were kings. Although belonging to their ranks is quite beneficial, being one of the Four Emperors also has some disadvantages.

8 the Yonko always have the Navy in their queue

The Yonko are known to be the strongest pirates, which means that the Navy is much more aggressive against them than other pirates. To prevent one of them from doing something dangerous, the Navy almost always uses its forces. Unless they’re not prepared like when Big Mom and Kaido made contact.

Also, under Sakazuki’s command, the Navy is far more aggressive than ever against the Four Emperors, which means they have quite a few problems to deal with.

7 The Navy places spies on the crews of the four emperors1635151932 747 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

The crews of the Four Emperors are huge. Yonko Kaido has around 20,000 people in her crew, while Big Mom’s numbers are similar as well. Shanks’ crew may be small, but it is still much larger than Luffy’s, and Blackbeard has over 1,000 people in his crew.

This makes it difficult for pirates to keep an eye on everyone. The Navy uses this to sneak spies and obtain information on the Four Emperors. More recently, this was done with X Drake, who had infiltrated the Kaido Beast Pirates of the Hundred Beasts.

6 Many pirates infiltrate the crews of the four emperors1635151932 936 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

The Four Emperors of the Sea are quite fearsome and this makes them the strongest of the seas. For this reason, the Four Emperors are the main target of all other pirates. Although not all are capable of directly opposing them, some infiltrate their crews and try to finish them off from within.

This was seen when Capone ‘Gang’ Bege joined the Big Mom Pirates and gained their trust enough to be promoted to the rank of “Rook”. He then closed down all the defenses of the Land of Totto and attempted to assassinate Big Mom after careful two-year planning.

5 The Four Emperors have other Yonko at their back all the time1635151932 711 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

The Four Emperors are more or less equal in terms of power. While some, like Kaido, can be considered the strongest, the other Yonko are easily capable of paralyzing him in battle. For this reason, the Four Emperors take every opportunity they get to get rid of the others.

For example, Kaido went to sea to kill Whitebeard when he learned that he was going to war with the Navy. Likewise, the other Yonko other than Shanks always make the most of these opportunities, creating trouble for others.

4 All four emperors have the highest known active rewards for hunting1635151932 432 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

The Four Emperors are the strongest in the seas, which means that their rewards are equally immense. The highest known active bounty belongs to Kaido of the Four Emperors, with 4,611,100,000 berries, followed by Big Mom with 4,388,000,000 berries.

Although bounty hunters are unfortunately not a force that seems to attract attention in One PieceThey should theoretically be the biggest target, as they have the biggest of the prizes on their heads.

3 A great power is used to counter the four emperors of the One Piece world1635151932 135 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

Although the Four Emperors are strong, they are not invincible. To counter their influence, the Navy came up with the idea of ​​joining forces with the Shichibukai to create a balance when they face the Four Emperors. The three used to form the Three Great Powers of the world of One Piece.

Every time a Yonko comes into action, the Shichibukai and Admirals could be used against them and they might as well be defeated when such a massive force opposes them. For other pirates, the use of such force was never necessary.

2 The SSG has a power that puts the four emperors in check1635151932 711 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

Vegapunk’s latest creation, the SSG, is a power strong enough to replace the Shichibukai of the world of One Piece. What’s more, this power will undoubtedly put the Yonko on a tight rope. This was confirmed by Kaido during the announcement of the New Onigashima Project. According to him, the Navy has only replaced the Shichibukai when there is a greater power in their possession, which means that the Emperors are now in trouble.

To counter this, Kaido announced his alliance with the Great Mother Pirates and planned to move for the Ancient Weapons to gain the upper hand.

1 The worst generation tries to end the four emperors1635151932 972 One Piece 8 harsh realities of being one of the.webp

The Worst Generation includes the eleven pirates who came to the Sabaody Archipelago before the Paramount War with a bounty of 100 million berries or more and Blackbeard. While some members of the Worst Generation submit to the Four Emperors, the most daring are determined to oppose them.

To counter the Four Emperors, members of the Worst Generation often form alliances, such as Luffy’s Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance to take down Kaido, and Kid’s, who tries to team up with Apoo and Hawkins to take down Shanks. On their own, these pirates don’t stand a chance, but together they can make a difference against the Four Emperors.