One Piece: 8 things Gol D. Roger would be doing if he were still alive

Gol D. Roger was the king of the pirates of One Piece and possibly one of the best men in all of history. As the first man to complete the circumnavigation of the entire Grand Line and reach Laugh Tale, Roger was an incredible pirate who was known to be above the rest.

After finding the One Piece and learning all the history of the world, Roger surrendered to the Navy and was executed in Logue City shortly after. His death ushered in a new era. But if he was still alive, it would be affecting the era in a big way.

8 Gol D. Roger would lead Roger’s pirates for the longest time

Gol D. Roger disbanded the Roger Pirates after completing his journey. Realizing that he was born too early to complete the promise and fulfill Joy Boy’s wish, Roger probably didn’t see much point in continuing his journey. However, he would still like to lead his crew, given his love of adventure and the seas.

If Roger weren’t dying from his illness, he surely would have led the Roger Pirates for much longer and the crew might have existed even today as one of the strongest in history.

7 Roger would have been the strongest pirate in history1631526268 205 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

Gol D. Roger was an incredible pirate whose strength had no limits. Throughout the series, his legacy as the strongest pirate in history endures, with Whitebeard being the only one capable of matching him in battle.

When Roger fought Whitebeard on the Grand Line, the two tied the battle despite having fought for days, however Roger was already ill at the time. If Roger hadn’t been ill, he would have grown even stronger and declared himself in the seas the undisputed strongest in all of history, possibly even surpassing Whitebeard.

6 Roger would enjoy having constant fights with Whitebeard1631526268 890 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

Gol D. Roger was an extremely powerful pirate that only a few could face in battle, and Whitebeard was certainly one of them. The two fought an intense showdown on the Grand Line that lasted three days and ended in a draw.

Although Roger and Whitebeard fought quite often, they were great friends and shared an incredible relationship. If Roger had lived, the two would have fought countless times over the years, and every confrontation would have sounded throughout the Grand Line.

5 Goal D. Roger would fight the world government at some point1631526269 872 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

When Roger and his crew arrived at Laugh Tale, they discovered the true history of the world, which means that they also discovered what happened during the 100 years of emptiness in the world. At the end of the Void Century, the World Government arose and the Old Kingdom and its allies fell.

Whitebeard mentioned that the revelation of the truth will one day lead to the “Great War.” If Roger were alive, he would undoubtedly take part in the war and possibly even lead it himself.

4 Roger would live countless adventures in the seas1631526269 521 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

Roger was a man who, like Luffy, loved adventure. Although he had already been everywhere and had circumnavigated the entire planet, he would have loved to travel the seas and party like pirates are supposed to do.

During Oden’s stay on Roger’s ship, it became clear that Roger lived for adventure, even when a terrible illness had struck him. What’s more, new adventures like a trip to the moon were very interesting to Roger and he would definitely go there if he lived.

3 Goal D. Roger would love to help the next boy of joy1631526269 756 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

Arriving at Laugh Tale, Roger realized that he was not the right man to carry the burden of the D people on his back and that he was not destined to be the next Joy Boy. He hoped his son would one day keep the promise in his place, but all fans ofOne Piece they realize that the next Joy Boy will probably be Luffy.

If Roger had lived, he would certainly have helped Luffy on his way to becoming an incredible pirate. By doing so, Roger would ensure that his successor did what he couldn’t and write a new chapter in history.

2 Roger would raise Portgas D. Ace and give him his love1631526269 251 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

Roger was the father of Portgas D. Ace and, before he died, he entrusted him to his rival and friend, Monkey D. Garp. Ace grew up without the care of either of his parents and, knowing that his father was a hated criminal who had nothing to do in his life, he believed that he did not owe him anything and did not care too much for him.

However, Roger certainly loved him very much even though he didn’t know him. Roger named Ace after his prized sword Saijō Ō Wazamono and was proud of his son even before he was born. He certainly would have enjoyed raising Ace with love and care.

1 Roger would spend his days next to Portgas D. Rouge1631526269 153 One Piece 8 things Gol D Roger would be doing.webp

Roger might be a pirate who was on the seas most of the time, but he was a man very much in love. Following the dissolution of his crew, he spent most of his time with Rouge at the South Blue Battery. Portgas D. Ace was conceived during this time and, before surrendering to the Navy, he had already discussed his son’s names with his lover.

If Roger had lived, he sure would have liked to spend more time with Rouge and, together with her, raise Ace into a splendid man.