‘One Piece’: 9 curiosities about Portgas D. Ace that perhaps you did not know

portgas d ace is one of the most charismatic characters of ‘one piece‘ and it’s pretty much not liking him the first time you meet him. The older brother of luffy he appears early in the story and we first see him during the Alabasta Arc, where he is looking for Blackbeard to settle scores.

Thanks to his Devil Fruit, Ace is one of the most powerful pirates at the beginning of the series, and since there is never a need to know more about him, here are several curiosities that we have been able to learn inside and outside the anime.

Warning! Logically, if you have started watching ‘One Piece’ relatively recently, this article contains spoilers.

Ace of spades

Before joining the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace began his adventures as the captain of his own ship. He left his home at age 17, three years before Luffy, and created Spade’s Pirateswith which he created a name as a pirate.

Since “spade” means “spades” when it comes to decks, Ace’s name and that of his pirate crew make a little play on words referring to the deck and the ace of spades.

The first birthday of the year

The birthdays of the ‘One Piece’ characters are often references to their name or their personality, if they coincide with a Japanese holiday. In the case of Ace, too shares his birthday with Eiichiro Oda himself on January 1.

To add coincidences, Gol D. Roger’s birthday is just one day before, December 31, which gives Ace even more importance as his “successor”.

His father chose his name

And speaking of Roger, during the Marineford War Saga we found out that Luffy and Ace aren’t actually biological brothers, but rather Ace is actually the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

Goal D Roger

Before he died, Roger chose two possible names for his son: Ace if it was a boy, and Ann if it was a girl. So Ace’s real name should have been Goal D. Acebut chose to carry his mother’s surname.

accidental birth

The government suspected that Roger had a family in the island of Baterilla in the South Blue and for months he searched for all the babies born during a specific period of time, and investigated all the pregnant women.

Ace was able to survive because his mother Portgas D Rouge it took him inside her 20 months instead of the usual nine, for Ace to be born out of danger.

portgas d rouge

The greatest reward known

Before the timeskip in ‘One Piece’, we knew of a good handful of rewards, such as Luffy’s crew and Super Rookies. But the greatest of all the rewards known until then was that of Ace.

During his time as a pirate, Ace was a wanted man and held a bounty of 550 million berries.

The most popular of his crew

In the popularity polls for ‘One Piece’ characters in Weekly Shonen Jump, Ace often ranks among the most popular. In the sixth ballot that was published with chapter 874 of the manga, Ace slipped into fifth placewhich made him the most popular character in the Whitebeard Pirates.

hidden meanings

Many times some details of the character designs seem to be there because they look cool and that’s it. And while many fans have tried to find meaning in the sad and smiley faces on Ace’s hat, Ace himself Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that they are simple accessories and that he did not think more about it at the time.

Ace Tattoo

What does have meaning are Ace’s tattoos. The one on his back is Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger, while the ASCE on his arm with the crossed out S refers to his adoptive brother Sabo.

He could have “switched” sides

During his early years as a pirate, Ace quickly became very famous (or infamous). In addition to ordering a bounty on his head, the Government also tried to sign Ace into their ranks and offered him to become one of the Shichibukaiprivateers who work under government mandate.

Of course, Ace turned down the offer, because he first dreamed of becoming the Pirate King himself, and then decided to help Whitebeard become one.

his weak point

Logia are arguably the most powerful Devil Fruit in all of ‘One Piece’ (with permission from the Mythical Zoans). Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi allowed him to generate and control fire.in addition to turning his body into this element, making him almost invincible.

Ace's Death

His weak point turned out to be Admiral Akainu’s power with his own Magu Magu no Mi, since the heat of the magma it produces is even capable of burning the fire of Ace. Thus Akainu was able to pass through Ace’s body and kill him, although the pirate managed to save Luffy’s life.

Sadly, Ace also became one of the first major characters to die for good in the series, and also the first Devil Fruit user to die.