One Piece: a big surprise awaits French fans for episode 1000 of the anime

As we get ready to discover the thousandth episode of the hit animated series in the near future One Piece, we learn today that French fans will be able to discover it in optimal conditions.

French fans are spoiled

Most Manga in the World, One Piece is, since its creation, a real phenomenon, which never ceases to excite the passion of its fans. While One Piece is gradually heading towards its conclusion, the year 2021 will have been a pivotal year for the manga of Eiichiro Oda. Indeed, on January 4, the manga passed the threshold of chapter 1000. An impressive number, which confirms the still overflowing imagination of Oda, 24 years after its inception.

The animated series is also preparing to exceed this symbolic number, since episode 1000 will air in Japan on November 21. As the war between the Red Scabbars, allied to the Straw Hat, is waged against the terrible Emperor Kaido, allied to the no less formidable Big Mom, this episode could be an important one.

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Besides, French fans will be able to celebrate the event with dignity, since on November 21, 2021, no less than 120 French cinemas will broadcast a “1000 Logs Marathon”, during which the film will be shown in order One Piece : Strong World, released in 2009, a portrait of Luffy, titled One Piece Characters Log : Monkey D. Luffy and, finally, episode 1000 of One Piece.

As a reminder, the film One Piece : Strong World pits Luffy and his friends against the pirate Shiki the Golden Lion, who cries revenge twenty years after being passed for dead. The film, whose action takes place between the Thriller Bark and Sabaody Archipelago arcs, is the first to be released in France at the cinema (in 2011).

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Among the cinemas participating in this gigantic event, let us quote the Grand Rex or Kinepolis. Ticket presales will be open on Tuesday, October 26, from 4 p.m.

In addition to reminding us of the immense success of One Piece to the French public, this gigantic event also reminds us of the importance of Japanese animation in Japanese animation. Remember the immense success of the film Demon Slayer –Kimetsu no Yaiba: Le Infinity Train, which became the biggest success of the Japanese box office, which attracted more than 727,800 spectators in French theaters, even though spectators had deserted them despite their reopening. For those who still doubt its importance, Disney + recently launched into Japanese animation with four sets expected with a firm footing.