One Piece: A boy dresses up as Shanks and saves Halloween from thieves

Halloween It has been celebrated all over the world in recent days, but the mythical house-to-house candy collection night is over. Although it is something that Spain It continues to be inserted little by little, in a country like the USA it is already a tremendously consolidated tradition. Also, the best thing about this party is always seeing the costumes that everyone wears, like the one from a boy who decided to get out of Shanks and cover up his friends’ bad deeds. Spirit “one piece“.

One Piece had the best representation possible on Halloween thanks to this child

Then I leave you with the video that shows how the boy in question restored the balance of the seas Halloween (via u/chillax420x)

To put you in context, in case you do not understand very well what is happening, The situation is the following:

  • In a house in the USA, a family leaves a basket with sweets on the door because they don’t want there to be a lot of noise since they have the baby sleeping. ✔️
  • On the door there is also a sign asking each child to take at most 3 candies per head…but things don’t work out. ❗
  • As you can see, a group of children arrives at the entrance and destroys all the candies of the bowl And this is where our hero comes into play. ❌
  • The last child of the group, Disguised as Shanks, he decides to give a part of his candies so that the bowl does not remain empty., so that other children who come to the house can also enjoy the generosity of Halloween. ❤️

Honestly, I can’t blame the kids who take all the candy either because… they are kids, and you know how they can be, even more so if they go in a group and without supervision. However, in the same way it seems to me that You have to give Shanks’s boy a 10, because understanding and appreciating the situation as he did in that context is already having a fantastic heart and ethics. This time yes friends, the fans of “One Piece” we got a great victory.

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