One Piece: a cult character from the manga joins the cast of the Netflix remake

The live action remake of One Piece on Netflix continues to expand its cast with a cult character from the original work.

Although the live action remake of One Piece produced by Netflix feels the sinking full nose – even more after the crash of the remake of cowboy bebop and the movie flop Death Note – the project still has the benefit of the doubt. At least until its first trailer which should be quite decisive. So far, no visual has yet been unveiled, nor even any synopsis, but the various casting announcements are enough to confirm that the series of Steven Maeda and matt owens will adapt well the first arcs of the manga ofEiichiro Oda during which the Straw Hat crew forms and faces its first enemies.


As for the main cast, the young Inaki Godoy (Who killed Sarah?) will embody Captain Monkey D. Luffy; Mackenyu (Pacific Rim: Uprising) will play Zoro; Emily Rudd (Fear Street) will lend his features to Nami; Taz Skylar (War crime) will be the new face of Sanji, while Usopp will be played by Jacob Gibson (Greenleaf). Exit Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and Jinbei, who are clearly among the most challenging main characters to recreate in live action.

More recently, Netflix announced that the cast had found the interpreter of Shanks le Roux, another recurring character in the universe and essential to its mythology. For neophytes passing through and hoping to enjoy rehab, we won’t spoil Shanks’ crucial role in Luffy’s life, but let’s just say that his straw hat didn’t come out of nowhere, just like his calling. to become a pirate.

The character will therefore be embodied by Peter Gadiotrecently seen in the series Yellowjacketsthe soap opera The Queen of the South available on Netflix and an appearance in Supergirl.

One Piece: pictureA dye and a little make-up to create an illusion

He will thus join the other characters of the first arcs: Morgan Davies (The Girlfriend Experience, Evil Dead Rise), which will be the young version of Kobby, Jeff Ward (Marvel: Agents of SHIELD) who will play Buggy the Clown, McKinley Belcher (ozark) who somewhere under the CGI will play Arlong the Fishman, while Vincent Regan (300, Troy) will play Garp, a Navy vice admiral and grandfather Luffy.

In addition to appearing in the live-action series (probably for one episode only), Shanks will also star in his own movie, One Piece Red, highly anticipated by fans. No French release date has yet been communicated, but the film will be released in Japanese theaters from August 6th.