One piece: a fan art shows the seductive personality of Boa Hancock

This is your space, so we always try to have it ready and presentable so that you can enjoy some of the best pieces created by artists of any origin, but with a common goal, which is to always show the best version of one of your favorite characters, and since it had been a while since we uploaded anything of the dear one piecethe time has come, and here you will always find some of the best works that we find on social networks, because despite the fact that every day there are more artists who become exponents of fan art, our job is to send you some of their best works on your favorite series, comics, video games or anime.

On this occasion, we will talk about an artist who came to us through her Instagramwhere he shows much of his great work and illustrations, he calls himself Reivashis a girl who studies design and who works independently in her spare time, you can find her as @reivash.artand has little more than 8 thousand followers.

The artist does almost all kinds of work, but it seems that her favorites are anime, as in the case of today, we will show you her illustration of one piecethe popular anime, where the girl, through her talent, shares an illustration of boa hancockone of the most beautiful girls in anime.

Where using soft colors, it shows us the girl with long straight black hair, wearing a beautiful green kimono that has cherry blossoms on the bottom, a pronounced neckline in the chest area and an opening in the leg until the upper part of his thigh, in addition to wearing colors of a faint red tone and a purple and yellow belt, in a typical Japanese setting.

The work of this artist is undoubtedly one of great quality and shows us her versions of some of our favorite characters. We hope this fan art has been to your liking, and please, continue on eGamesNews.