One Piece: a fan imagines what Luffy’s Gear Fifth will look like in the anime and it’s brutal


Luffy’s Gear Fifth hasn’t made it to the anime yet, but a fan on Twitter has imagined what this new animated form would look like, and the result is spectacular.

the battle between the captain of the straw hat piratesLuffy, and the Captain of the Beasts PiratesKaido, continues to intensify after each new chapter of the manga. This is not only a fight between two of the most powerful pirates of this new era, but also a mission to save the inhabitants of the Wano country.

Luffy carries the hopes of these people behind their backs, as he wants to free them from Kaido’s oppression. That is why he is risking his life on the battlefield to defeat the most powerful enemy he has ever faced. And, because of Kaido’s superiority, the protagonist finally woke up his fruitalso gaining a new form: the Fifth Gear.

This new transformation of Luffy, which has its defined limits, is extremely powerful and fun to watch in action. However, there is still a long way to go before we can see her animated. But, trying to change this a bit, a Twitter user and lover of one piececreated his own animated video of one of the most epic scenes of the battle between Kaido and Luffy in its G5 form.

The animation of Luffy with his Gear Fifth made by a fan is simply brutal

A fan on Twitter has animated one of the most epic moments of the battle between Kaido and Luffy

On Twitter, the user @Kiecaburn has shared with the world an animation he made of Luffy’s Gear Fifth in one of the most epic moments of his fight against Kaido.

If you’re following the manga and keeping up, do you remember that time when Luffy in his Gear Fifth form caught lightning with his hands and threw it at Kaido in a mighty blow? This is the moment that user and artist @Kiecaburn has animated, titling it: #OnePiece 1047: GOMU GOMU NO THUNDER!!

As we mentioned earlier, there is still a long way to go before we can see this animated scene officiallybut this little video made by this user simply raises our expectations, since it is likely that, when the day finally comes to see this animated fight, it will be something so epic that it will end up being part of the best anime moments Shōnen.

How was Luffy able to catch lightning with his bare hands?

Luffy's new form, Gear Fifth, is the most powerful of all.

Luffy’s new form, Gear Fifth, is the most powerful of all.

While it is true that we are not yet offered an explanation regarding this scene, we can assume that it is part of the effects of the awakening of his fruit.

A few years ago, Doflamingo explained to us that when a user awakens his fruit, he gains the ability to transfer the powers of his ability to his environment. That is why we could see Luffy turning the area around him into rubber to protect himself from Kaido’s attacks.

It is probable that, using this same effect of the awakening of his fruit, he has momentarily turned lightning into rubber to hold it, and after throwing it, it returned to being this powerful concentration of energy that ended up hitting Kaido.

There are still many unrevealed mysteries in One Pieceespecially some who surround this new transformation of Luffy. But to get answers, we will have to wait and continue enjoying this work.

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