One Piece: A flashback reveals Momo’s saddest memory

Something touching has happened inside one piecesince although the battle between Luffy Y Kaido might have entered its final phase in the manga series, there are plenty of other battles that take place inside the Beasts Pirates headquarters in Wano Country; and even though the straw hats and resistance fighters look in good shape when Luffy reveals his latest transformation, the son of Kozuki Oden, Momonosukeis having a hard time trying to hold up the floating island to save the residents of wano.

And this has only led him to have a flashback, a harsh memory that shows us how he came to be. momo until this moment in the present, and what we see, simply left us with a sad memory that he himself would not want to have even present.

Spoiler Warning ——>> If you haven’t read the last chapter of One Piece manga yet, i.e. Chapter 1047, you may not need to read this yet, as this article will reveal big spoilers.

Now yes… Like all fans of one piece you know, now that we are attentive to the arc of Wano, Momonosuke he was thrown from the past to the present in the blink of an eye; this was thanks in part to his mother, Tokiwhose skills Devil Fruit they allowed him to manipulate time in such a way that his son would be safe.

So the son of oden has had to grow a lot in a short period of time, and using his current dragon form to prevent Onigashima land on top of country Wanowe can watch him have a powerful flashback, where he tells Momonosuke that his fate will be cast in the future by both his mother and the samurai Kin’emon.

So, being tasked with rebuilding the Kozuki Clan, momo hesitant to leave his mother, but Kin’emon pleaded with the son of oden keep it going: “If you will forgive me for saying so, after Lord Oden’s passing, you are no longer just a child. If I can speak freely, will you give us another chance to fight? If our lives are only to be given to the flames, then we would rather perish by our lord, sword in hand. Will you let us die as samurai?”

That’s why, when the time comes, Momonosuke covered in tears streaming down his face, he tells her he agrees, despite not feeling ready and not wanting to leave, a moment that came to mind just now, as the current battle sees the son of oden carrying the weight of the island on his shoulders. No doubt momohas had to go through a lot in a relatively short time, and that has not been an easy task for him.