One Piece: A new logo for the 25th anniversary of the franchise The Siver Times

By Killua Zoldik

– Posted on 05 Apr 2022 at 11:59

Started in 1997, the One Piece franchise will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, more precisely on July 22. On this occasion, a new logo was recently unveiled!

On July 22, 1997, the Weekly Shōnen Jump publishes a new manga by the name of One Piece. Created by Eiichiro Oda, this title immediately met with success. Indeed, at the time, shonen manga used to feature heroes endowed with superpowers, as is the case with dragonball or Saint Seiyato recite nobody else but them.

One Piece arrives like a real UFO in among the ultra virile mangas of the time. Filled with humour, Oda’s manga is a real epic that features a young boy who is made fun of by many because of his dream of becoming the pirate king. However, the character of Luffy is far from being impressed and will decide to live his dream until the end.

One Piece, a major manga work

Filled with depictions of different parts of our world, One Piece has become, in 25 years, a veritable juggernaut of manga. Beyond having inspired many works, the adventures of the Mugiwara is above all the 1st manga to have reached 500 million copies sold worldwide. The work of Eiichiro Oda has thus exceeded the sales of another successful saga, Harry Potterwhich sold 450 million copies.

At the end of last year, One Piece was also celebrating another record. It is indeed the first manga to reach 100 volumes published abroad, as well as 1000 animated episodes. And this year, the franchise will simply celebrate its 25th anniversary. 2022 will therefore be a year of festivities for One Piece and one of the first announcements was the reveal of the game One Piece Odysseywritten by Oda himself.

But one announcement in particular caught the attention of fans. Indeed, on the official Twitter account of One Piece, the mangaka team unveiled a new logo. And the latter has a very particular importance, since it pays homage to a very specific scene from the beginning of the manga.

It is then an emblematic scene which is highlighted in this new logo, a beautiful way of recalling the origins of One Piece and the Mugiwara epic. Although the franchise has broken many records in recent months, 2022 could be even more important for the saga. In addition to the upcoming release of the film One Piece: Red, the last chapters of the manga are more and more expected by the community and more and more discussed. Some fans even wonder if, finally, Luffy would not be a victim of Naruto syndrome?