“One Piece”, a “separate work” which celebrates its 1,000th episode

Marie is a fan of One Piece for 15 years now: “I started when I was in 6th grade and I still haven’t dropped out. The Straw Hat Crew has helped me get through some tough times in my life, and I like to learn from the lessons given in this manga ”.

At 27 years old today, she did not miss the indoor marathon, on the occasion of the broadcast of the 1,000th episode from the animated series: “The atmosphere is always great and we all vibrate to the same rhythm or all laugh out loud together in these moments, and it’s really magical!” »She did not fail either, like many others, to answer
our call for testimonials on the phenomenon One Piece. Thanks again.

“I much prefer the manga because the anime drags on”

Another woman, Clarisse, 26, found out One Piece in adolescence thanks to his little brother, a manga enthusiast. “Me, I only read novels, and I was initially put off by the format, before taking a passion for Luffy’s adventures,” she says. I started watching the anime soon after, but didn’t see all of the episodes, only some of the arcs. “

“I much prefer the manga,” she continues, “because I find that the anime clearly lags behind, the fault of a desire to never stop to wait for the manga to progress. As a result, the plot is stretched and it results in overall frustrating episodes, as well as arcs fillers not always relevant or interesting. Despite everything, the anime has improved a lot in terms of the quality of the drawing, the characters are very endearing and the introductory music is always nice. “

“The animated, it is to feel the emotions of the characters”

The testimonials received are often long, passionate, true love letters. Especially for manga, but also for anime. Lucas, 19, has been watching the anime every Sunday since a day of primary when he surprised his big brother in front. “Many will say that the manga version is superior to the animated version, but what I like in the animated ones is to feel the emotions of the work, of the characters,” he explains. Anthony, 31, prefers “the finesse of the lines of the paper manga, where you play your life on each square. But animation often helps fill in some gaps or put a shot in perspective that we didn’t notice in the print manga. This is undoubtedly a plus for appreciating the work as a whole. “

More than 950 episodes in a few months

So many fans follow One Piece, manga and animated, from the beginning, and often their childhood or adolescence, like Christophe, Quentin or Paul, others have recently discovered it and prove that one should not be (too) afraid of the 1,000 chapters of manga and so many episodes of the series.

Gianni, 27, did not get started until the beginning of the year: “I immediately hooked up and watched 950 episodes in a few months. This is not a manga like the others, the characters are endearing and there are a lot of life lessons, memorable moments. Each character has a story, a liability, something to convey, and each adventure has its own set of twists and events. It is without a doubt the most gripping series I know, and I hope it will continue for a long time to come. “

The current arc is a pivotal moment in “One Piece”

“No matter the situation, the place, or even my emotional state, over the past 24 years, One Piece has always been with me, writes with passion Manu, 35 years old. I laughed and cried and grew up with these characters and this universe, and probably acquired certain traits of my personality or ways of thinking through One Piece. I started with the manga, and only watched the anime from the Davy Back Fight arc. But my favorite arc will probably remain Alabasta, given that this is where we discover Ace and leave Vivi, two of my heart characters. “

As Clarisse concedes, it’s hard to find one moment or arc clearly above the others, although she has always liked those of Alabasta and Enies Lobby a lot. And Dressrosa, too. For Lucas, the Marine Ford arc surpasses all others, with a merciless battle. Anthony votes for the Water Seven arc because it “demonstrates the power of the bond that unites the crew and for the first time shows us extremely different feelings for Luffy”.

But all agree that the current arc, the Land of the Wa, clearly represents “a pivotal moment in One Piece, since it really marks the end of the story after almost 25 years of adventure, with the biggest stake – beating two Emperors – ever faced by the crew ”, comments Clarisse. Marie adds: “I am sad that this manga is entering its final arc, but I expect something grand to conclude this monumental work. “