One Piece, a titan, Spider Man and Condorito: the different characters that participated in the votes of the Constitutional Plebiscite

During the day of this Sunday, September 4, within the framework of the exit plebiscite, several people in disguise have been seen in the polling places.

Although it is not possible to go with clothing, accessories or sanitary elements with slogans alluding to the options of “I approve” or “Reject”, nothing prevents voters from arriving in suits to liven up the plebiscite.

During the morning, at the Municipal Gymnasium of La Florida, a member arrived with a mask due to the cold weather and a hat from the anime “One Piece”, according to T13.

Credits: T13

Spider-Man also made an appearance in the voting, a table vowel arrived from Spider-Man at the Monumental Stadium in Macul, he pointed out to 24 hours that he was his favorite character and that “he represents a lot of who I am and what can be seen in these votes, with freedom of expression.”

Credits: 24 hours

In the same Monumental Stadium it was possible to see Itata from Naruto and El Viejito Pascuero.

Credits: The Citizen

Credits: Meganews

Another video that went viral on social networks was the case of Victoria, a Ukrainian who has been in Chile for 22 years, who went to vote with a striking mask adding humor to the election process.

Credits: Kevin Felgueras/24hours

Something that has become a tradition in the last elections has been to see dinosaurs coming to vote in different parts of the country, today was no exception. In the commune of La Florida the “Dinosaur Lady” arrived together with her husband the “Plague Doctor” and in Ñuñoa a blue dinosaur could be seen paying for it.

Credits: T13

Credits: 24 hours

The costumes have not only marked the voting in national territory, in Paris “Condorito” went to the polls, he is Juan Carlos Rojas, a Chilean living in France, who explained to CNN the choice of his clothing, “represents the people. And I did not want to leave him oblivious to what the people manifest”.

Credits: @nicolásoyarzún1

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