One Piece: a translation error may have completely changed the origin of the devil fruits

The mystery around these One Piece elements is gradually being clarified.

Luffy holding a Devil Fruit

One Piece is giving a lot to talk about these days, since, on the one hand, it is being possible to see how the appearance of Doctor Vega Punk is finally unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Devil Fruits at the same time that in an enigmatic message it has been implied that there will be a death in One Piece during 2023being unknown to this day who will be the alleged victim.

However, the central axis of the series today is taking it precisely this Mystery of the Devil Fruits and the explanation that the scientist is giving them, while the recent chapter 1069 of the manga would have given us more details about it. However, everything seems to indicate that there was an error in the translation with a phrase that now makes the Devil Fruits take on a new meaning.

One Piece chapter 1069 has brought us a major error in its English translation

And it seems that the official translation of chapter 1069 has an error around the explanation of Doctor Vegapunk that has led to a slight change in the origins of the Devil Fruitsbeing so that it has had to be a One Piece content creator who has had to correct this error with an interpretation of the Japanese that completely changes the translation.

And this is because originally, according to the words of doctor Vegapunk himself, Devil Fruits are manifestations of a desired future for Humanitybeing so these would imply a potential evolution of liferepresenting each user a possible future based on the hopes and wishes of people from the past.

It is precisely at this point where the translation error comes into play, since in the official English version of chapter 1069 it was even said that things are brought into this world with hope, this being something that Doctor Vegapunk mentions when seeing the incredible transformation that Luffy has achieved with his Gear Fifth. However, this is exactly where the error arisessince it has been shown that this was not the exact translation.

Under this same premise, it has had the content creator Artur – The Library of Ohara, which responds to this name on both Twitter and YouTube, who has been in charge of give a more accurate translation and different from the official one, while, according to this user, the authentic translation is equivalent to all the things that are dreamed of are born in this worldwhat it has much more sense with the context of doctor Vegapunk about the Devil Fruits, since, after all, it explains that people of the past dreamed of the possible futures of Humanity.

The correct translation of the One Piece phrase indicates that everything you dream of is born in the world

One Piece May Have Explained The Origin Of The Devil Fruits And It's Deeper Than You Expect

One Piece May Have Explained The Origin Of The Devil Fruits And It’s Deeper Than You Expect

It should be noted that the reason behind this change in the official version is because translating is not passing phrases from one language to another literally, but they also require an adaptation process, there being a risk that along the way some phrase may change or lose its meaning, as has been the case in this case. And it must be said that it is something that affects Japanese excessivelysince we are talking about a language with Kanjis that can have more than one meaning.

However, in this case, even Artur’s version makes more sense both for the context of the series and for the fact that he says the phrase naturally in English. Despite this, it is understood that this error was made because the Japanese word used by Eiichiro Oda is nozomiwhich can be translated as wish and hope, so the official translator ended up opting for the latter.

Despite everything, it should be noted that we are being able to see how the central axis of One Piece is now focused on the fight between Luffy and Rob Luciof which we do not know who will win, although everything indicates that the rubber boy most loved by the fans will be the one who end up beating your rival. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if in the coming weeks the Egghead Island arc continues to reveal more data about the mysteries of One Piece.