One Piece: Ace’s novel finally arrives in France (at Glénat)! – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 07 Oct 2022 at 13:03

This is the good news of the day for One Piece fans. Ace’s novel will finally arrive translated in France, at Glénat!

In the world of One Piece, few characters have drawn as much public sympathy as Ace with the Fire Fists. Luffy’s older brother was one of the great figures of the work throughout the adventure in the first part of Grand Line, until its fatal end in Marineford, in protection of the Straw Hat. But if his death logically put an end to his presence in the series and in the continuation of the Mugiwara adventures, Ace remained a great tutelary figure in the work which the fans love. This is why the release of an Ace novel in 2018 in Japan had created a very big hype. And the hype should continue even more, since after all these years, Glénat announces the arrival of a French version!

As you can see, the first volume 1 will arrive on January 1, 2023 on the shelves of France. This novel being divided into two volumes, we can expect the next one to be released a few months later. As a reminder, the first book tells the adventures of Ace on the sea after his departure from the native village of Fuschia, while the second narrates his hunt for Blackbeard, following the assassination of Satch. It was Hinata Sho who took care of the scenario of Ace’s youth, while Hamazaki Tatsuya took charge of the investigation. In terms of drawing, it is a well-known figure from the manga who is present, namely Boichi, the father of Dr Stone, who had already redrawn several chapters of One Piece as the clash between Zoro and Mihawk !

Towards a return of the Ace hype?

An outing that chose its timing well. Indeed, we are currently arriving in the last straight line of One Piece, with more and more secrets being revealed, and popularity exploding across the planet. The return of the figure of Ace could thus plunge many fans into nostalgia, and the pleasure of rediscovering the series in its infancy.

And you, are you ready to buy it?