One Piece advances the cover of volume 103 of the manga with a sketch of the author

a new one is coming sleeve of one piece, and that’s because author Eiichiro Oda shared a sketch with a preview of what the cover of volume 103 will look like shortly before its official presentation. Within a video, Oda’s previous ideas are seen until reaching what seems to be the definitive cover of the one hundred and third volume of OnePiece.

This issue would have to reach the Japanese shelves from August 4 in Japan, with a total of 10 chapters just like its predecessors, but this time bringing together the events of the series between chapters 1,036 (“Bushido is the way to death.”) and 1,045 (“Next Level”).

On this occasion, the cover will feature the Yonko Kaido and the three pirate captains of the Worst Generation: Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and our protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, whom we can already see soaring through the skies while maintaining his appearance as the “Sun God” Nika.

The sleeve of one piece will return from his hiatus Coming Soon and it will do so just in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise with an event that promises several announcements about this series that has become the mainstay of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump where it is published, as well as one of the longest running stories today.

one piece began as a manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 1997. Currently its history has 1,053 chapters and 102 compilation volumes that are among the sleeves best sellers in the first half of the year 2022.

Photo: Shueisha

What do you think of the cover of volume 103 of the sleeve of one piece?


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