One Piece: After Wano, we make the list of pending intrigues The Siver Times

By sydney

– Published on May 31, 2022 at 15:06

After the end of the Wano Kuni arc in One Piece, discover the last intrigues to be elucidated before the end of the manga!

That’s it ! After 20 years of Orochi and Kaidô dictatorship, and several years of experiencing the great revolution in the land of the Samurai, the Wano Kuni arc ends, with the announcement of the new shogun. An essential piece in One Piece, which only has a few strong sequences to unfold. Today we take stock of what remains to be experienced among the pirates!

The Shanks Moment

The Yonkou waits impatiently for Luffy

We have been living for several years the “saga of the Four Emperors”. But two of them are now HS, and the last one, Blackbeard, represents Luffy’s ultimate enemy, which logically places him at the very end of the narrative. We should therefore very quickly turn to Shanks, with a meeting on the program between the two crews which has been teased to us since chapter 903 now, when the Roux reads the Straw Hat’s wanted notice and affirms that they will “soon meet again”. A meeting that many are waiting for in Elbaf!

The Great War against the Navy

1654003236 196 One Piece After Wano we make the list of pending

Ym-sama will show up

As we know, Luffy has a score to settle with the Navy, and Akainu, who killed Ace. A meeting between the two entities is now inevitable knowing that the World Government knows that Luffy woke up the Hito Hito no mi model Nika. Ym-sama will do everything to annihilate his lifelong enemy, “Joy Boy”, and will finally reveal himself at this time. We can also expect during this war, which should be mythical, to finally discover the other hidden figure of One Piece, namely Vega Punk. We imagine that it is also during this war that Dragon will also make its appearance.

The final battle against Blackbeard

One Piece After Wano we make the list of pending

Blackbeard will be the last enemy Luffy will face. The latter should still play the scavenger by taking advantage of the various battles to further increase his powers, and appear at the end as an incredible monster of power that can even face Nika’s mythological devil fruit. Each member of the Mugiwara will have to face his alter-ego in the crew of Teach, in an arc where we could know the secrets of Xebec D. Rocks – the name of the pirate’s ship -, in a kind of prologue of the discovery of One Piece.

And finally, the One Piece!

1654003236 670 One Piece After Wano we make the list of pending

And of course, the very last stage of this great journey will be the arrival on Laugh Tale, where only Gold Roger and his crew have set foot. The Mugiwara will very quickly get their hands on the third road poneglyph available on Wano, while the fourth could be provided to them by Shanks. The Mugiwara will thus be able to reach the last island of the Grand Line quickly, but will first have to face their various enemies. On this island, we will finally discover the hidden history of the century, D., ancient weapons, as well as the One Piece.

And then… the end.