‘One Piece’: all anime sagas and arcs, and which episodes they include

In 1999 the anime series of ‘one piece‘ to introduce us to the history of Monkey D Luffy and his exciting journey to become the King of the Pirates.

The anime already has more than 1000 episodes divided into very different arcs, and even some with filler episodes we can skipso in order not to get lost and to know where each part of the story begins, here is a complete guide with all the sagas that we can find in the anime of ‘One Piece’ till the date.

Saga of the East Blue

Here the whole story begins and we see the beginnings of what will be the crew of the Straw hatstarting with the first adventure of Luffy and when the group begins to form before leaving for the Grand Line.

  • Romance Dawn Arc: Chapters 1 to 3
  • orangetown arc: Chapters 4 to 8
  • Syrup Village Arch: Chapters 9 to 18
  • Baratie Bow: Chapters 19 to 30
  • Arlong Park Arch: Chapters 31 to 44
  • loguetown arch: Chapter 45, and chapters 48 to 54
  • Buggy’s Gang Arc: Chapters 46 and 47
  • Millennium Dragon Arc: Chapters 54 to 61

arabasta saga

We have already entered the Grand Line and the band continues to grow. Before continuing the search for the One Piece, the group decides to help the princess Nefertari Vivi to stop the civil war raging in their country and stop the mercenary gang known as Baroque Works.

  • Reverse Mountain Arc: Chapters 62 and 63
  • Whiskey Peak Arc: Chapters 64 and 67
  • Coby and Helmeppo Arc: Chapters 68 and 69
  • Little Garden Arch: Chapters 70 to 77
  • Drum Island Arc: Chapters 78 to 91
  • alabasta arch: Chapters 92 to 130
  • Straw Hats Story Arc: Chapters 131 to 135

skype saga

After leaving Alabasta behind, Nami’s Log Pose begins to point in a very strange direction: up. There is an island in the sky and the pirates of the Going Merry are not going to pass up the opportunity to visit itso they end up in a mysterious land with a conflict that has been going on for several years and is about to explode.

  • Goat Island Arc: Chapters 136 to 138
  • Rainbow Mist Arc: Chapters 139 to 143
  • Jaya’s bow: Chapters 144 to 152
  • Skype’s bow: Chapters 153 to 195
  • Naval Fortress G-8 Arch: Chapters 196 to 206

Saga of Water Seven

Also known as the Enies Lobby Saga or the CP9 Saga. Leaving Sky Island behind, the Merry is in dire need of repairs, so the next step in the journey is to find a carpenter to join the crew… though along the way the Straw Hats find themselves embroiled in fierce competition. against another pirate crew and in search of an ancient lost treasure.

  • Long Ring Long Land Arc: Chapters 207 to 219
  • Ocean’s Dream Arc: Chapters 220 to 224
  • Foxy’s Return Arc: Chapters 225 and 226
  • Arc of Water 7: Chapters 227 to 265
  • Enies Lobby Arch: Chapters 226 to 312
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arch: Chapters 313 to 225
Water 7

Thriller Bark Saga

Before reaching the New World, the crew must navigate a strange sea where it is very easy to get lost forever. They end up being captured on the island of thriller barkwhich is plagued by zombies and a new villain wants to snatch their shadows.

  • Ice Hunter Bow: Chapters 326 to 336
  • Thriller Bark Arc: Chapters 337 to 381
  • Spa Island Arc: Chapters 382 to 384

Saga of the Marineford War

This saga is also known as the War Peak Saga, and marks the end of the first part of the anime before the timeskip. If things had already been getting increasingly difficult, the crew is separated in the middle of a conflict that escalates very quickly.

  • Sabaody Archielago Arch: Chapters 385 to 407
  • Amazon Lily Arc: Chapters 408 to 421
  • Impel Down Arc: Chapters 422 to 425, and Chapters 430 to 456
  • Little East Blue Arc: Chapters 436 to 429
  • Marineford Arch: Chapters 457 to 489
  • Post-Marineford Arch: Chapters 490 to 516

Fish-Man Island Saga

After a time jump of two years, Luffy’s crew finally reunites on the Sabaody Archipelago to continue their way to the New World… although first they must pass through the island of the fish men.

  • Return to Sabaody Arc: Chapters 517 to 522
  • Fish-Man Island Arc: Chapters 523 to 574
Fishman Island Saga

Saga of Dress Rosa

One of the longest sagas in all history and marks the full entrance of the Straw Hat Pirates into the New World. It is a very dangerous region where we meet some of the fiercest pirates of the Grand Line.

  • Z’s Ambition Arc: Chapters 575 to 578
  • Punk Hazard Bow: Chapters 579 to 625
  • Caesar Kidnapping Arc: Chapters 626 to 628
  • dressrosa bow: Chapters 629 to 746

Whole Cake Island Saga

The Straw Hats manage to meet up in Zou and begin to make the necessary plans to confront Kaidou. Nevertheless, Sanji falls into Big Mom’s clutches.a dangerous pirate and one of the Four Emperors, so the crew will have to go deep into their territory to rescue the cook.

  • Silver Mine Arc: Chapters 747 to 750
  • Bow of Zou: Chapters 751 to 779
  • Navy Supernova Arc: Chapters 780 to 782
  • Whole Cake Island Arc: Chapters 783 to 877
Wano Island

Wano Country Saga

The saga that we are currently in the anime and that has been going on since 2019. Also known as the Saga of the Four Emperorswith a massive alliance to defeat Kaidou and the balance of power in the world being more fragile than ever.

  • Levely’s Bow: Chapters 878 to 889
  • Cidre Guild Arc: Chapters 895 and 896
  • Wano Country Arc: Chapters 897 to 906
  • Romance Down Special: Chapter 907
  • Wano Country Arc – Part 2: Chapters 908 to 1028
  • Uta’s Past Arc: Chapters 1029 to 1030
  • Wano Country Arc – Part 3: Chapters 1031 onwards

This is the end of the anime series for now, which we can follow week by week with a new episode in Japanese with subtitles through Crunchyroll.