One Piece already anticipated Luffy’s new power 20 years ago and no one noticed

Will there be more surprises about the effects of the Milestone Fruit on Luffy?

Many years had to pass in the popular series for Eiichiro Oda to finally show the great power that was in the hands of Luffy. But this was not a surprise to anyone, although it was not known for sure how far the Captain’s capabilities reached. Regarding the last chapters around the Devil Fruit and the techniques that the Straw Hat could develop, Oda had already hinted that this would happen in the first chapters of the series. and, apparently, this revelation was forgotten, since it was not mentioned again until recently. But if the mangaka is known for something, it is for his surprising turns in the history of One Piece and, of course, for predicting several of the events that the audience expects to be resolved at some point.

As usual, in the question and answer section of each volume of the manga (published weekly in Shonen Jump magazine), the creator of One Piece spends his time clarifying the main conflicts, doubts and concerns of fans regarding his favorite series and has even made some of his crazy but funny requests in very creative ways. However, in the twentieth published volume of One Piece he made a revelation that clarified what would happen to Luffy.

Although this section called SBS lends itself more to a rapprochement between Eiichiro Oda and fans of his work, the mangaka occasionally provides extremely valuable information that could complete the story outside of his own narrative. That is why we refer to one of the most important clues about the protagonist of it that he gave almost twenty years ago and that it is necessary to bring up in view of Luffy’s latest powers.

What is the clue that Eiichiro Oda gave us?

As we have mentioned before, In the SBS of the twentieth volume of One Piece, published in the Shonen in 2001, Oda was asked what the consequences would be for a human if he were to consume the Hito Hito Fruit.. Perhaps at the time it seemed like a long shot since a limited number of Fruits had been known until then (in this case, only one version of Chopper’s Fruit had been shown to readers) and the powers they bestowed on the user. . But to everyone’s surprise, Oda gave a more extensive explanation than the answer itself. On the contrary, he questioned the concept of “becoming human” as a substantial reality, affirming in such a way that this interpretation is subject to a variable, in the event that a human were to eat the Fruit, the results could change totally and having approached the subject with a somewhat philosophical argument, he completely avoided giving a direct answer and moved on to other questions.

In the following image we can see Eiichiro Oda’s literal response:


The fan community probably took this gesture as part of the humorous personality of the mangaka, but now it has gained importance in view of the respective transformation that made Luffy a much more powerful being during the last chapter of One Piece.

Following the thread of events, in chapter 1044 it was discovered that Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers come from the Hito Hito Fruit: Model Nika and not from the Bubble Gum Fruit., as had been believed throughout twenty years of One Piece history. This fact by itself completely changes the course of things, since it not only reveals a different transition from the one expected from the protagonist, but also fits perfectly with Eiichiro Oda’s ambiguous response in that SBS. So it makes quite a bit of sense that he never gave a concise and satisfying explanation, since it’s a critical part of the series that he couldn’t reveal.

Although there was always a humorous tone in the SBS questions, not all the topics put on the table end up getting lost in the confusion between irrelevant terms and laughter and this is proof of it. On the other hand, it should be considered that the timing between Eiichiro Oda’s wise response, which managed to distract the audience, and the latest One Piece events implies very exact planning and a lot of dedication in the narrative of his work. Perhaps we are still not quite sure what it means that Luffy ate the Hito Hito Fruit, but that nothing is what it seems in the adventures of the intrepid Captain… and the mangaka advanced a few clues about his plans for One Piece nothing more and nothing less than two decades ago.

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