One Piece and Aquaman had a strange official crossover | EarthGamer

If there is a place where few could hope that the characters of One Piece appear is in a comic by Aquaman. But indeed, this will happen, and it is a recent series of DC Comics call Aquaman: The Becoming.

How did it happen? Well, simply, that in one of the pages of the comic there appear characters that look ‘suspiciously’ familiar with those created by the mangaka Eiichiro Oda.

Aquaman: The Becoming y su homenaje a One Piece

Aquaman: The Becoming is creation of Brandon Thomas and Diego Olortegui, where who enters the scene is Aqualad. He seeks to clear his name from a crime he did not commit. The fact is that in one part this hero can be seen emerging from the water.

As he is walking and talking, people appear on the beach. A couple of bathers remind Us and Nico Robin. The first has the tattoo that this pilot and navigator has on her arm.

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As for the second, he wears the hat he used before the ‘timeskip’ that took place in the series of One Piece. In addition to them, it also appears Usopp, only he’s talking on the phone.

In his case it is a more Americanized design, although his large nose and hairstyle is unmistakable. Likewise, his outfit is reminiscent of when he first appeared on the series. Although Us, Nico Robin and Usopp appear, there are other references on the page.

One Piece appeared in the Aquaman comic

Aqualad must prove his innocence in this story

For example, a trade is called Franky House, which is related to the good Franky, while you see a seafood restaurant, where the name appears Sanji, which is the cook of the manga and anime.

This comic by Aquaman: The Becoming It is not available for sale, but it will be in September. This is not the first time that a character created in Japan has appeared in an American comic as a cameo. It happened before with Dragon Ball.

In this case, with the children’s comic Superman and Batman. But not in the form of characters, but of posters on the walls. Perhaps in the complete comic of this adventure of Aqualad more references to the characters of One Piece.

Ultimately, it would be an extra promotion for the latter. It is so successful that not long ago it was revealed that it had surpassed in circulation copies the same comic of the famous Dark Knight.