One Piece and Bleach come together in one of the best crossover you’ll ever see

This crossover is one of the best you’ll see in a long time.

One Piece has become one of the works most memorable of all anime culture and its broadcast time proves it, because to this day this series still keeps its followers hooked with its great enigmas and mysteries.

On the other hand, Bleach has also been positioned as one of the works most iconic of this culturehaving unprecedented success with the new season of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood Warwhich gets more exciting with each new chapter.

Recently, a Twitter artist has decided to pay a clear tribute to these two series, uniting them in an incredible crossover that you will love it Next, we tell you the details.

This One Piece and Bleach crossover is the best you’ll see in a long time

This amazing One Piece and Bleach crossover is really good

This amazing One Piece and Bleach crossover is really good

One Piece and Bleach, two of the greatest and most iconic works of Shonen culturehave come together this time, through a talented Twitter artist who has decided to crossover these two epic series with a truly incredible result.

Bleach is currently giving something to talk about, and it is that its current season is one of the best of the seriesbecause in this great mysteries have been revealed, as well as some details about Ichigo’s pastcausing great hype and impact on followers.

For this reason, a Twitter user named grimmjows_has decided to immortalize this work and some of its characters through an incredible fan art that includes One Piece or, failing that, by great art style that Eiichiro Oda has given to this series.

This artist has decided to make an incredible fan art of Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryu Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach with the drawing style of One Piece, recreating some of the dynamics of the main characters of each series.

In these images you can see the incredible fan art that grimmjows_ has made, replicating or being inspired by the love/hate relationship between Roronoa Zoro and Nami and adapting it to the characters of Bleachgiving a pretty cool and unique touch to these moments.

Without a doubt, this fan art is one of the coolest you’ll see in a long time, as the artist has managed to capture and reflect unique moments and funny from each series and capture them in this crossover.

It should be noted that One Piece is characterized by having many moments funny and funnywhich this artist has taken as a reference to carry out this crossover with the characters of Bleach.

It is necessary to mention that this artist has made various fan art and crossovers of different anime series, such as Attack On Titan, Chainsaw Man among others, but always using as main characters to the protagonists of Bleachshowing that he is a big fan of this iconic work.

Bleach and One Piece, two works that have transcended time

Bleach and One Piece have managed to transcend time

Bleach and One Piece have managed to transcend time

The impact that Bleach and One Piece have had on manga/anime culture has been truly overwhelming, as these works, together with Naruto, were considered one of the best in the world, since during their golden age these series were the most watched in his moment, being known as the “3 Shonen Greats.

The success that these two series are currently having is abysmal, since One Piece is in its final stretch and has revealed various secrets that it had since its inception, giving a great twist to the plot of this work.

On the one hand, Bleach, with its new season, has been enormously successful, as Tite Kubo has raised a quite different idea to what had been seen before, since various very relevant characters died during the recent events of this series, taking a great unexpected turn in the direction of this work.

Both works have achieved transcend in time through the yearsbecause the incredible plot that they house and the treatment that their mangakas have given to these respective series, have taken them to another level, being the favorites of many followers worldwide, who today await with great joy each chapter that they emit these.