One Piece And Digimon Extend Their Break After Toei Animation Hack

Earlier this month, a slew of reports surfaced from Japan confirming that Toei Animation had been targeted by hackers. The act prompted the studio to weigh postponing the release of several upcoming episodes for A play and Digimon among others. And now, a new update has informed fans that Toei Animation will fill in those gaps as the hack is further investigated.

The news comes from Toei Animation itself because A play and Digimon Ghost Game have announced that their deadlines will be extended. Neither series will release new episodes as planned on March 20. Instead, Fuji TV will rebroadcast a special A play recap during Digimon Ghost Game rebroadcasts its premiere.

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At this point, fans have not been informed when A play Where Digimon will return with new episodes. Both shows were absent from Fuji TV last weekend after the hack, but that was due to a pre-planned marathon event. Now, the hack itself is causing the shows to be paused for longer, and fans are hoping that Toei Animation can release the series as soon as possible.

For those unfamiliar with the hack itself, Toei Animation confirmed last week that it was being targeted by unknown hackers. The culprits gained access to the studio’s network and main website long enough to shut down several of its systems. When the studio acknowledged the hack, it warned fans that the situation could cause delays for Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure, One Piece, and others. And much to our dismay, it looks like the hack was serious enough to deliver on those promises.

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