One Piece and Fairy Tail Universes Expand Kana Home Video

Fans of these two iconic anime will be able to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD boxes this summer bringing together the best of films and series.

Specializing in manga publishing since its creation in 1996, Kana is one of those major French publishers that fans can count on to discover new releases. The anime was more popular than ever, Kana Home Video takes advantage of this and also offers its most famous universes via DVD and Blu-ray. In a few weeks, followers of One Piece (whose next film is expected this summer) and Fairy Tail will be entitled to a nice gift.

The complete movies One Piece to (re)discover before the release of RED This year

Regarding One Piece, fans will first of all be able to (re)discover the films, formerly published by Kazé, and soon to be honored with a distribution in three Blu-ray packs. Pack 1 will contain movies one through five out of three Blu-rays, namely One Piece: The Movie, The Clock Island Adventure, Chopper’s Kingdom, the island of strange beasts, The Endless Adventure and The Curse of the Holy Sword. Pack 2 will offer films six to nine, still on 3 Blu-rays: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, The Giant Mecha of Karakuri Castle, The Pirates and the Desert Princess and The Miracle of the Cherry Trees in Winter.

Finally, Pack 3 will bring together films 10 and 11 on two Blu-rays: Strong World and Chasing the Straw Hat. Each pack will retail for €49.99 and are scheduled for release on June 6. After the movies, Kana will celebrate again One Piece (which is also available through video games), but this time on the side of the series. Blu-rays have been announced with the box sets One Piece Wano 1 to 5, plus box 5 One Piece Wano on DVD. Everything will be available from July 6th. For the Blu-ray, it will therefore be necessary to pay the sum of €39.99 per box, while each DVD collection will require €29.99.

Head to a world of magic and mystery

A new edition of Fairy Tail will also see the light of day and will be titled “dragon hunter”. Two box sets were revealed, each containing ten DVDs. The release is scheduled for August 24 and it will take € 39.99 per box. As a reminder, the anime adapted from Hiro Mashima’s manga immerses us in the Kingdom of Flora, a world of magic and mystery. Magic is part of everyday life and its trade is completely free. Some decide to make it their profession and are known as Mages. For a fee, they work for the good of the community. Their strength is also their number, and they gather in different guilds scattered throughout the kingdom. Among these is a very special guild that gave birth to many legends: Fairy Tail.