One Piece and its World Government: Do you know all its mysteries and the secrets it hides?

Now that we are in the final saga of one piece It seems to be clear that there are several villains that Luffy and his gang will have to defeat sooner or later. On one side we have Akainu, the man who murdered Ace, and on the other Blackbeard, the pirate who seems to be the Straw Hat’s rival to beat. Nevertheless the main antagonist of the series is an organization: the World Government.

Throughout all these years, Eiichiro Oda has been introducing all kinds of mysteries that revolve around this entity in charge of directing the planet from its headquarters in Mary Geoise. When it seemed that the Navy and its Fleet Admiral were the highest leaders, we learned of the existence of the Goroseiand a long time later appeared Im the king who secretly rules the world.

All the mysteries and secrets of the World Government

Little by little, a little light is shed on all the dark issues that the World Government is trying to hide, although much remains to be revealed. Do you know all the mysteries surrounding this organization? Today it is time to review all the ones that Oda-sensei has presented to us so far in one piece.

And of course I am obliged to warn you all that I will deal with many topics that are SPOILERS of the manga below, so if you are not up to date and do not want spoilers, I do not recommend continuing reading.

The Empty Century

The Great Kingdom that existed 900 years ago
  • 800 years ago a colossal war ensued between a “Great Kingdom” and 20 nations who came together to fight it. After the defeat of the first side, these kingdoms founded what is now known as the World Government, and their royal families went to live in Mary Geoise (except the Nefertari of Alabasta).
  • The government did everything possible to hide from the world what happened in said conflict and he was in charge of erasing any detail that referred to the Great Kingdom, which is why most people are unaware of its existence. In the absence of information, this historical period is known as the Empty Century.
  • Why does the World Government go to such trouble to hide any trace of the Great Kingdom? What exactly happened in the Void Century?❓❓


Im looking at the Gorosei
  • One of the most shocking revelations in recent years in the world of One Piece was the fact that that the World Government had a secret Kinga person who pulls the strings of everything that happens on the planet❗
  • I’m above all, even from the Gorosei, and occupies the throne that should be empty; very very few people know of the existence of this figure, and all his orders are unanswerable
  • This person was the responsible for making the Kingdom of Lulusia disappear in a matter of minutes, and shows a strange interest in Shirahoshi, Vivi, Luffy and Blackbeard✅✅
  • To this day it is unknown what powers he can have, his appearance and even his sex; Is it related to Joy Boy?❓

The giant straw hat at Mary Geoise

mary geoise
In a secret chamber of Mary Geoise there is a giant hat
  • At a certain point in the One Piece story it is revealed that inside Mary Geoise there is a secret chamber (apparently refrigerator) that keeps a gigantic straw hat very similar to Luffy’s inside ❗❗❗
  • Im He is the only person who has access to this room and it is unknown for what reason he keeps such an object
  • It should be remembered that Doflamingo pointed out that in Mary Geoise there is a “national treasure” that could shake the world if its existence were made public, could it be this hat?❓
  • There are fans who believe that it would be an accessory that the joy boy original (confirming that it was a giant), but nothing is clear at the moment❓

Interest in the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Hito Hito: Nika model)

gomu gomu no mi
Luffy ate too important a fruit
  • Apparently the World Government has been trying to get hold of the Gomu Gomu no Mi for centuriesbut they never finish achieving it
  • When CP9 had finally obtained it and was on its way to Mary Geoise, Shanks intercepted the transport ship and took it away❌
  • Some time later Luffy ate it and we learned that it was actually the Hito Hito fruit: Nika modelone that allows to become joy boy reincarnation❗❗
  • Why does the World Government put so much effort into getting its hands on this fruit? They most likely want prevent Joy Boy’s will from reappearing once more in the world

Your weapon of mass destruction

one piece manga
Im got access to a weapon that can take out entire islands
  • In the One Piece manga it was shown how Im has at his disposal a weapon that allows him to destroy entire islands in a very short time❗❗
  • This way you can erase the existence of kingdoms and people who posed “a threat” to the World Governmentthat is, that they could uncover their secrets✅
  • This weapon was presented to us when Sabo was about to reveal the existence of Im to the Revolutionary Army.
  • What kind of weapon of mass destruction is this? In my humble opinion it could be uranus❓❓

These are all mysteries and secrets that directly relate to the One Piece World Government. I omitted some minor details like the why are they looking for the Ancient Weapons, why are they investigating the creation of giants or why do they want to capture Nico Robin basically because the answer is more or less clear.

Is about an organism that will do everything possible to erase any trace of the Void Century and to strengthen its army in the to be. Are they hiding some other secret that we don’t know yet?

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