One Piece and more anime are delayed by the hack to Toei Animation

Anime lovers, this time the news is not as good as we would like, as anime like One Piece are delayed due to Toei Animation hack.

One Piece and more anime are delayed by the hack

So is, Toei Animation and the official accounts of the animes; Digimon Ghost Game, One Piece, Delicious Party Pretty Cure and Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure have announced that due to the hack suffered by the company recently, the production of all titles has been affected and will suffer delays.

Toei Animation announced on March 8 that they had discovered a couple of days before that they had been victims of a hack. And although the seriousness of the situation is unknown, the studio even closed its online store to safeguard the data of Your clients. The study also had to close access to everything in order to investigate the matter with the help of an expert security company.

Which episodes of One Piece will be affected?

This week’s episodes of Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure and Delicious Party Pretty Cure; will be broadcast as planned on March 12 and 13. While this week the non-airing of the new episodes of Digimon Ghost Game and One Piece had previously been confirmed due to the national broadcast of the annual Nagoya women’s marathon. Starting March 20; all the series produced by Toei Animation will suffer delays, although at the moment it has not been confirmed how long this will be.

Both the official Web One Piece and the Twitter account of the anime Digimon confirmed that the production problems are due to having to close all the internal systems used in the process of creating the series. They will give more details via the official social networks as soon as possible.

Without a doubt, fans of animes like One Piece are the most affected by the Toei Animation hack. So let’s hope that this whole situation is resolved as soon as possible.