One Piece and Shingeki no Kyojin are among the most ‘dropped’ manga — Kudasai

The editorial department of the Japanese portal All About News conducted a survey between October 17 and November 8, asking its readers: “What are the mangas that you decided not to finish reading?». Among the fan community, the action of stopping reading a manga is known as “drop“, derived from the way in which English speakers refer to it.

The action of “drop sleeves” can be triggered by any number of things, depending on the reader, but it usually occurs when the story becomes stagnant, repetitive, or ends up completely disappointing the reader. One of the most common cases is when one of the applicant girls in a romantic comedy ends up being rejected by the protagonist, which causes the fans who supported her to stop reading the work. Perhaps this is why rom-com manga authors never formalize a relationship or rejection in their stories until the final stretch?

For this article we have only focused on the first ten positions, and we will refer to the comment made on the first three.

  • Second Place (tie): Second place was a tie between shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan), a manga written and illustrated by hajime isayama and published between 2009 and 2021. The third and final part of the final season will air in 2023, and even though the play has finished, there is still a wide fan base.
  • Respondents mentioned: “I got tired of reading so much»; «I stopped reading it because it became a depressing story», «It became a story of war between humans, so I lost interest»; Y “From the twentieth volume onwards, the content became very complicated to understand, with the story becoming a mess.“, among others.
  • Second Place (tie): The other tie for second place was Jujutsu Kaisena manga written and illustrated by Gege Akutami and currently in publication, with a second season scheduled for 2023.
  • Among the respondents there were opinions such as: «I stopped understanding the content at one point, so I stopped reading it»; «I found the anime much more interesting than the manga, so I stopped reading it immediately.»; «I liked it at first, but the story lost its appeal after Gojo was sealed»; «I read through the first six volumes, but it wasn’t a story for me. I couldn’t get involved with the story, there were no explanations about the techniques and everything just happened suddenly and just because“, among others.
  • First place: First place was taken by one piecewhich celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary of publication in July 2022. With 104 compiled volumes published, the story is already in its home stretch with more than 500 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Among the respondents there were comments such as: «There are too many stories and characters, and even though there are flashbacks to them, it is very difficult to remember the details to understand what is currently happening. I got tired of reading it for the duration of the battles»; «The battle scenes last too long, and the story didn’t progress at all, so it bored me»; «The story feels very heavy, especially for its length. I stopped reading it for both reasons»; «I lost interest in the story when the number of drawings per panel increased and the story lost its seriousness»; «I stopped reading it around book fifty, if I remember correctly I didn’t like the way the drawing changed“, among others.
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Finally, the complete list of the most dropped sleeves was the following:

  • 8.Tokyo Revengers (tie).
  • 8.Naruto (tie).
  • 8. Glass no Kamen (glass mask) (tie).
  • 8.Dragon Ball (tie).
  • 7.Bleach.
  • 6.Kingdom.
  • 5. Detective Conan.
  • 2.Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) (tie).
  • 2.Jujutsu Kaisen (tie).
  • 1.One Piece.

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