One Piece and the interesting detail of chapter 1065 that you may have overlooked

This Sunday was published in Manga Plus the One Piece chapter 1065, and as usual for a couple of months, Eiichiro Oda prepared some interesting scenes for the resolution of great mysteries in the series. Surely the last vignette was the most important of all, but we must not overlook a small detail that caught my attention.

Another of the great events of chapter 1065 was the brief battle against the Jinbe-based Seraphim. This artificial creature was shown to master Fishman Karate and even employed an extraordinary skill that could only be obtained through Devil Fruits. Did you recognize what power he used?

And first of all I warn you that next I will deal with some facts of the manga that are obviously SPOILER for those who only watch the anime.

The Seraphim are known fruit users

  • It is normal for Franky to sound a lot like that of power “swim” across the groundsince it is the ability that Mr. Pink had❗❗❗
  • This means that the Navy captured this character and that, somehow, Doctor Vegapunk managed to replicate his devil fruit (the Sui Sui) to implement it to a Seraphim
  • In this way, Oda shed a little more light on the subject of these latest generation Pacifista, which, in addition to resembling the Shichibukai and presenting features of the Lunarians, now can use devil fruit powers
  • Could this imply that in the future we would see a Seraphim with Doflamingo’s ability or some other powerful pirate? The truth is that this reality is scary

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