One Piece and the mystery of Blackbeard’s fruits: Is it three people?

If there is something that characterizes one piece (apart from being a very long work) is the amount of unsolved mysteries that it preserves behind more than 1000 chapters of manganime. I could spend hours and hours talking about everything we still don’t know about the world and the characters of the story devised by Eiichiro Oda, so for today today I will focus on talking about one of the most debated issues by the fans.

Who exactly is Blackbeard? This is a question that has been circulating on Internet forums for over a decade. We know that this infamous pirate is the only one capable of using the abilities of two devil fruits at the same time, and over the years a series of clues have been found that would point to the fact that in reality they would be three different people in the same body. Is this possible? Let’s analyze it.

The great theory about Blackbeard

  • Let’s start with the introduction of the character itself. The first time we see Teach we weren’t even told who he was, but he made a big impression on us with his speech about people’s dreams
  • luffy and zoro listened carefully to his words after he was beaten up by Bellamy’s gang in a Jaya tavern, and the interesting thing was his words when he left
  • Nami wonders “Who would he be”, to which Zoro and Luffy reply that “It wasn’t him, it was them”(to which Zoro adds a “probably” at the end)❗❗❗
  • What can these words mean?: Many people think that both of them (who were already showing signs of having started to awaken haki) realized that the man in front of them It wasn’t just one person, but many.

Three people in one body?

  • When it is revealed that Blackbeard can use the powers of two Devil Fruits. (the Yami Yami and the Gura Gura), a large part of the fans thought that it was due to a unique property of their powers of darkness✅
  • However, quite a few people theorized about the possibility that Teach actually consumed a third fruit before these two, which would grant the ability to fuse bodies❓❓❓
  • In this way it could be explained that this pirate can use the skills of two Akuma no Mi at the same time:
    • Step 1: Kurohige eats the body fusion fruit and joins two other people (perhaps his brothers?)
    • Step 2: steals her Yami Yami its commander and one of the other two bodies eats it
    • Step 3: The remaining body snatches and ingests the Gura Gura of Whitebeard (and this was done under a black cloak so that no one could see the process)
  • In this way it would make sense that Marshall D. Teach can use the powers of several devil fruits at the same time, and in turn fits the description of Zoro and Luffy

But why three people?

Why would Oda design a pirate flag with 3 skulls for Teach?
  • The number three has been consistently associated with Marshall D. Teach due to multiple references in his skin and banner
  • The pirate flag that waves in his boat, look where you are, show THREE skulls instead of one, why?✅
  • Carries three guns on top, when I could only hold two at a time✅
  • His beard has three ornaments visible✅
  • And there are many other curious details such as his personality changes often and suddenlygoing from being very aggressive to a coward❓
  • In addition there is the fact “that never needed to sleep”something that could be explained with the theory of the three bodies: when a Teach needs to rest, another body would take over❗❗

The truth is that I love the character of Blackbeard because of all this halo of mystery that surrounds him. To this day we know very little about him and everything indicates that he will be one of the final antagonists of One Piece (along with Im and Akainu). Do you think that it will end up confirming his theory of the three bodies?

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