One Piece and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet: Which of Luffy’s allies would go to the Final War?

If something has become clear to the fans of one piece the thing is to be a Yonko you have to have a large number of subordinates at your back. Becoming one of the four emperors of the sea implies having to manage and protect many territories that may be located in different areas of the New World. Even Luffy needed to get a large fleet in order to be one of them.

This happened during the Dressrosa arc, the one in which the Straw Hats ended up collaborating with different pirates in order to defeat the Donquixote family. After the battle there were a total of seven Captains who swore an oath of allegiance to Luffy and the band of Straw Hat. At that time it was created the Mugiwara Grand Fleet, consisting of 5,640 members.

Who are part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet?

First division

  • The first division of the fleet is that composed of the beautiful pirates🌟
  • Your commander is cavendish🤺
  • It has 75 crew
  • Removing its captain, suleiman he is the strongest of this group
Suleyman and Cavendish

Second division

  • This division is made up of barto club
  • Its leader is Bartholomew🤞🏼
  • Is composed of 56 people
one piece

Third division

  • The Third Division is the one made up of the Happo Army
  • This group has said as a leader🈯
  • It has some 1,000 members
  • Other of his warriors to highlight are chinjao, Baby 5 Y Boo💪💪💪
one piece
Boo, Chinjao and Sai

fourth division

  • Division 4 of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is that formed by the Ideo Pirates⭐
  • only has 4 members
  • The other three members are just as dangerous as their leader: Blue Gilly, Abdullah and Jeet💪💪💪
one piece
Abdullah, Jeet, Ideo and Blue Gilly

fifth division

  • This division is made up of dumb pirates
  • The captain of this great team of dwarves is Leo🧵🍃
  • They add up to a total of 200 pirates
  • His vice bosses are Bomb Y rappo💪💪
one piece

sixth division

  • The sixth division is that made up of the New Giant Warrior Pirates
  • Their leader is the giant Hajrudin🪓
  • they are only 5 peoplebut all of them have great power✅
one piece
Hajrudin with his four subordinates

seventh division

  • The last division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet
  • The person in charge of this group is Orlumbus🏴‍☠️
  • You have at your disposal 4,300 privateers
one piece

Other allies that could support Luffy in the Final War

It is increasingly clear that in the final saga of One Piece there will be a great war in which the future of the world will be decided. The Straw Hat gang will need all the help they can get to win, so it is possible that old characters who decide to support Luffy will return and theirs in their contention. I personally think these could be:

  • Nefertari Vivi and the army of Alabasta✅
  • Trafalgar D Law (they already formed an alliance in the past)✅
  • The minks and samurai by Wano and Zou✅
  • Framework and more expiratas of Barbablanca✅
  • sabo and the members of the Revolutionary Army✅
  • The sun piratesformerly led by Jinbe✅
  • The Riku Family by Dresrossa✅
  • brogy Y Dorry (perhaps as members of the Hajrudin Division)✅

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