“One Piece” and “The Tourist” arrive on HBO Max in 2022: Zoë Kravitz will also arrive on the platform | TV and Show

The Streaming platform prepares a trail of premieres among which superhero movies stand out.

The streaming service that arrived in Chile last year has managed to conquer a demanding national moviegoing audience with productions such as “Euphoria”, “Matrix: Resurrections” and, the Oscar nominee, “King Richard: A Winning Family.”

Even though hbo max It has not yet managed to compare its audience with the red N platform, its catalog of premieres for 2022 promises and adds expectations.

That is why at BiobioChile we have selected the most important titles that can be enjoyed this year.



Probably the most anticipated premiere of the platform, “Morbius”will come this year. However, no date certain yetthis, since the premiere of the film in theaters has been changed on more than three occasions and by agreement with HBO Max, the films arrive -on average- a month after the premiere on the platform.

In Morbius, Jared Leto takes up his acting role again, starring as Dr Michael Morbiusa man that suffers from a rare blood disorder that gives him “powers”. In the production the doctor he becomes a patient and subject of his own experiments in order to recover, but the cure turns out to be worse than the disease.

Released in 2018 and with Tom Hardy in the main character, the Marvel Symbiote will also hit the platform this year, no date yet. However, there is still no news about whether the sequel “Venom: Carnage Unleashed” do it too.

Spider-man: No Way Home

According to official information from HBO Max, Spider-Man: No Way Home, will be part of the 2022 premieres on the platformHowever, the date has not been reported so far.

The production starring Tom Holland was a box office success, which positioned it as the third movie most seen after Titanic and Avatar.


queen stars

For fans of the world “Drag” arrives “Queen Stars”a contest program where Brazilian drag queens use their talent for dance, singing and makeup to compete for a millionaire prize, similar to what can be seen on Ru Paul Drag Race, but this time by singer Pabllo Vittar.

one piece

The anime will hit the platform with “One Piece Stampede” and with “One Piece Gold”, at the end of March 2022.

In the first, the pirates arrive at Delta Island for a festival aimed at them. The treasure hunt begins there. Gold Roger. However, there a more sinister reason to congregate so many pirates.

In addition to these premieres, Zoë Kravitz -who played Catwoman in Batman– returns to the platform by the hand of “kimi”a suspense film that highly criticizes technology companies.

This since after Kravitz’s character discovers a premeditated murder in a streamingthe company you work for decides not to do anything about it.

This movie is now available on the platformto.