One Piece and the Unsolved Mystery of Florian Triangle: What the hell were those three gigantic creatures?

One of the most characteristic aspects of one piece is that, despite having been active for 25 years, to this day there are still dozens and dozens of unresolved issues. Eiichiro Oda is a mangaka who loves to frequently introduce mysteries, and can easily go a decade without solving them.

On the one hand, I understand those fans who find this practice frustrating (in a way, it also frustrates me), although the good part is that thanks to this it is possible theorize wildly about the future of One Piece, and that is the sea of ​​fun. All unknowns that there is in the work I want to highlight one in particular that often overlooked: the one of Florian Triangle.

What are the giant creatures of Florian Triangle?

  • At the end of the Thriller Bark arc it was revealed that the numerous ship and passenger disappearances (reference to the Bermuda Triangle) were not Gecko Moria’s fault, but everything seemed to be the work of some colossal creatures with red eyes❗❗❗
  • Today We still don’t know what the hell those monsters were large, so many fans elaborated quite interesting theories about his role in the final saga of One Piece❓
  • One of the most popular indicates that Oda was based on the Umibozu of Japanese folklore, some yokai that live in the sea and that destroy any boat that gets in front of them; their appearance is very similar to the silhouettes of One Piece, so it makes sense✅
  • However, What importance could they have in the manganime plot? behold Some ideas that I have been able to collect of the community:
    • They are Zunesha-like creatures (rational and purposeful)
    • They are beasts that serve the D. and are awaiting the appearance of Joy Boy
    • They are “weapons” at the service of Im
    • They were introduced as a simple reminder that the oceans are very mysterious places and about which little is known.therefore they would not have greater relevance❓
So are the Japanese Umibozu

What do I think of the Florian Triangle affair?

Personally I think that Oda will not give much more hype to these huge silhouettes. It hits me that the mangaka will leave everyone “hanging” regarding the resolution of this mystery. If I had to opt for a fan theory, I would choose that they are creatures similar to Zunesha and that they would have a role to play in the end of the story, since it makes a lot of sense and is even attractive for the future. We’ll see where it all ends in a few years…

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