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very soon the anime of one piece will receive a new batch of episodes within the Netflix platform and that means that they will also have dubbing in Latin Spanish, but exactly how many episodes will they arrive and until what arc will they cover?

one piece on Netflix currently has 130 episodes with dubbing being the “Arc of the Kingdom of Alabasta” the last to be presented both in its original language and subtitles as well as with voices in Latin Spanish. Now, it has been confirmed that the platform will add nine more arcs that range from the episodes 131 to 325.

Therefore we can say that very soon (in March) we will be able to see one of the most intense arcs of all one piece as well as THAT event that triggered the biggest War the series has ever seen.

Ennies Lobby, the arc that changed One Piece | Photo: Toei ANimation

On the other hand, two new One Piece movies are already available: The first one is One Piece: Episode of Alabasta – The Desert Princess and the Pirates” (2007), being a readaptation of the Alabasta arc in a single film with the respective animation work that a filming entails, very different from the one we met for the first time in the anime.

The second is nothing less than “One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus – Blooming in winter, the miracle of cherry trees”, being a remake type “What if?” from the Drum Island arc, with the GIANT difference of appearances by Nico Robin and Franky as official crew members; However, this is only found with subtitles.

Re-adaptations of the arcs turned into special episodes | Photo: Toei Animation

With information from: Netflix


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