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The One Piece anime finished adapting Robin’s fight with Black Maria, and for various reasons the anime made it even better than the manga.

The One Piece anime just finished covering Nico Robin’s best moment in the manga, and he managed to make it even better. During the Onigashima Raid, Robin found herself facing Tobi Roppo’s Black Maria so that Sanji could escape her trap. The battle quickly escalates to the point that Robin must use a new technique called Gigante Fleur, a giant version of his clone technique that enhances both his strengths and weaknesses.

Episode 1044 of the One Piece anime concluded Robin’s fight with Black Maria. When Gigante Fleur proved ineffective, Robin unveiled both a Fishman karate technique that Koala had taught him during the time skip and an upgraded version of Gigante Fleur called Demonio Fleur that allowed him to ultimately win the fight. This moment was already widely considered Robin’s best moment in the One Piece manga to be his first big fight in nearly twenty years, and the way the anime works to highlight his strengths makes it even better.

One Piece Anime Expands Robin’s Best Manga Moment

The main reason why Robin’s victory against Black Maria was so much better in the One Piece anime stems from the anime’s extensiveness on the fight. Not only was episode 1044 an episode that featured truly stellar animation, but the use of Demonio Fleur was featured as something from the unique Devilman Crybaby anime to emphasize just how scary his new technique is supposed to be. This, along with prolonging his last attack on Black Maria, did a great job of showing just how powerful Robin was meant to be.

More than that, however, is how the anime played into the emotional weight of everything. Recent episodes have spent time reminding audiences of everything Robin went through in One Piece, which works because it ties into her character arc. The emphasis on how far her friends would go to help her adds more weight to her desire to do the same, and the emphasis on her being treated like a demon makes it poetic that she would accept that wholeheartedly. It all comes together to make Robin’s moment significant not just for his show, but for everything he does for her as a character.

One Piece’s Wano Arc Fixed The Series’ Big Nico Robin Issue

The One Piece anime did a lot to make Robin’s fight with Black Maria in the Wano arc even better than in the manga. Yet beyond that, the fight itself works so well because it solves the story’s biggest problem with Robin. Despite being one of the main characters, the only time One Piece’s Nico Robin fought a major antagonist was against Yama in the Skypiea arc, nearly twenty years ago. Every fight she’s had since then has either been her support or her fight against a relatively minor antagonist, and it’s nothing but a disservice to someone supposed to be so crucial to the story. .

Robin has often had the end of the stick in One Piece, but the Wano arc is finally doing something about it. For the first time in nearly twenty years, Robin finally had a fight with a major antagonist who was largely alone; that’s a big deal on its own, but the fact that the anime upped the spectacle and emotional weight of the manga underscores its importance even more. Robin finally having a chance to stand out is nothing but good for Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, and with the series entering its endgame, hopefully that won’t be the last time that happens. .

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