One Piece announces major manga reveal in new credits

One Piece has announced that a major manga reveal is coming to the anime soon, with a first look at a new series credits! The Wano Country arc has reached a new phase in the anime with the fights erupting across Onigashima, and the series has kicked off the New Year in spectacular fashion with the start of an all-new Opening theme sequence with its first new episode of 2022. Like the openings we’ve seen so far for the Wano Country arc, this new opening heralds what to expect from this year’s episodes. . But there is another even bigger surprise.

The new opening theme is titled “PAINT” and is performed by I Don’t Like Mondays, and not only does it announce all the battles that Luffy and the Straw Hat team will find themselves in as they go along. as the fights through Onigashima continue, but there’s also a shadow character who debuts early in the streak alongside heavyweights like Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard and Red Haired Shanks. This is actually a character that is the subject of a pretty big reveal in the manga, but remains a major mystery in the anime.

The all-new opening theme sequence gives a first look at the silhouette of Rocks D. Xebec, the captain of the late Pirate Rocks crew. The Marines have revealed that Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard were part of this infamous crew years ago before they stood on their own feet. The Marines have revealed that Kaido, Big Mom and Whitebeard were part of this infamous group years ago, before they started out on their own.

He has yet to be shown in its entirety in the manga or anime, but Rocks’ place in the anime’s opening shows just how important this character is to the story of the series as a whole. . The more we learn about Wano, the more we learn about the world at large, and the presence of the infamous Pirate Captain sets the stage for even bigger reveals in future episodes of the anime.