One Piece announces the biggest break in its history to prepare “the final arc”

It’s coming break in One Piece. The longest in its history tied with that of the famous time skip. This has been confirmed by Eiichiro Oda himself, who has assured that it is being a difficult year and he needs time to rest. The mangaka wants to take a break in the face of what is to come: the 25th anniversary of One Piece and the premiere of his new movie, One Piece Red. So, after the chapter on June 19, there will be no manga in four weeks.

But the news is not only the duration of the break, striking in itself, but one of the reasons given by Oda. “Also, I want to take the necessary time to be able to close the final arc in the best way“. That phrase has raised all the alarms among the fans. The mangaka doesn’t seem to refer to Wano’s ending. Does another arc begin in just three episodes, with all the iron that we have pending? Y that new arc… is it the last one?

Questions and more questions that surely Oda himself wanted to raise on purpose. because although the Wano battles are over and we have entered its final stretch (we even know the tenth member of the Straw Hats), there are many plots to close. And even doing it, just one bow for all that’s left? Laugh Tale, Shanks, the confrontations with Blackbeard and the World Government, the resolution of the Levely, etcetera, etcetera. All in one bow?

Oda may have used the term “arc” to refer to “saga”. For example, the saga of the Four Emperors, the most recent, it has lasted almost eight years and encompassed the storylines of Zou, Whole Cake Island, and Wano. Something like that would make more sense, of course, but we will have to wait for the author himself to enlighten us.

The only thing clear at the moment is that One Piece will go through its biggest break since the one between chapters 597 and 598, published in 2010. And what a break that was! Known as the time skip, it meant the passage of two years in the world of Luffy and company. Is something similar coming?