One Piece announces the premiere date of its episode 1000: everything you need to know

Few sagas of the manga and anime universe can boast of achieving the same as One Piece. A few months away from its 25th anniversary, it is still one of the best-selling manga every week in Japan, and both on paper and on television they have had colossal success all over the planet. In fact, One Piece movies, video games, and merchandising are highly enjoyed by its community. Without going further, the anime itself is about to reach its 1,000th episode, a record number highly anticipated by millions of fans. In fact, we already know exactly the day it will air, and it is great news to know that that day is very close.

The November 21 It is the date chosen for the broadcast of the thousandth episode of One Piece, which, in the middle of the Wano Country arc in the Yonko saga, will mean a new advance in history. There are currently 995 episodes aired, since this last weekend there was no new broadcast, to the surprise of many followers. In this way, week by week, the episode corresponding to number 1,000 will fall on that 21st of next month and it is not expected that there will be any kind of delays in the remaining broadcasts. As for the episode itself, in Spain we can see it through Crunchyroll, as it has the entire updated series in its catalog.

One Piece is one of the key pieces of manga and anime in recent decades and it is for obvious reasons. Its magnetic history has attracted millions of fans for more than twenty years along with many others who have joined along the way, and there are many movies and video games that further broaden the legacy of this saga. In fact, unofficially, many fans enjoy different artisan works, tattoos, and even rumors about the path that the manga could take in its story line that is getting closer to its end.