One Piece answers the big question about Gol D. Roger and the devil fruit


There’s More Than Special Powers In This Pirate’s Past

Chapter 1047 of the manga, “The Sky Over the Capital,” finally clarified the question that fans of the franchise had for decades: “What is the origin of the power of Gol D. Roger?”. For a long time it was thought that he had a devil fruit under his power like his own grandson, but the truth is somewhat more impressive: His entire empire did it without the support of one of these fruits. .

The implications of this reveal not only affect how readers view the Pirate King, but also the entire power structure of One Piece. The topic came up during Luffy’s final battle with Kaido, who was not convinced that the boy had the power to conquer the entire sea. To back up his claim, the tyrant quoted Gold Roger, the Pirate King, who did not have a Devil Fruit power of his own. When it comes to his power, he came out on top with his brute strength and Haki mastery.

To be fair, there was every reason to believe that Roger really did have a devil fruit. It would certainly explain why none of his fights were fully shown on screen; he would have given away his skill too soon. Of course there were also many people who assumed that Roger didn’t have a devil fruit or felt there wasn’t any hard evidence or thought he would be much cooler without one, this privileged group was right.

By confirming that one of One Piece’s most powerful characters never had a fruit, a lot changes about how strength is defined in the series. The biggest change comes in how Haki is viewed. For a time, Devil Fruits were considered One Piece’s main power system, while Haki was a handy secondary power system. By confirming that Roger never had a fruit, this dynamic has been completely reversed..

This altering of One Piece’s power dynamics also changes the way certain characters look. For example, fans had been arguing for a long time about whether or not the Straw Hat Pirates could have a rise up the power ladder, since half the crew doesn’t have a devil fruit to speak of. Now that devil fruits are no longer the beginning and end of One Piece, these crew members they can be strengthened in their own way and do not have to be the subject of such debates.

Which is stronger in One Piece, Haki or the Devil Fruit?

Likewise, many other characters who apparently don’t have Devil Fruits can be seen in a different light. Characters like Rayleigh, Garp and Mihawk are certainly praised for how strong they are, but there was always the question of how they would be with a devil fruit, now we know that they could overcome the most feared possessors like Gol D. Roger did.

Confirming that Roger never had a devil fruit also calls into question all other theories about what could be the devil fruits of other characters. There are many characters in One Piece who are believed to have a secret and unconfirmed devil fruit like Roger. Such characters include Red-Haired Shanks, Dragon, Rocks D. Xebec, and Ryokugyu. We now know that this is not necessarily necessary for its development.

one piece goal d. roger devil fruit

Gol D. Roger’s Devil Fruit status may have dropped in a relatively casual way, but it’s still enough. to shake the One Piece fandom to its core like few things. Many had their thoughts and theories about what Roger would be like with or without a fruit. However, the fact that he is confirmed to not have a devil fruit sets the stage for all sorts of new thoughts and theories regarding the rest of the series. It also changes the mindset of how devil fruits are seen as a power system among fans. This downfall of passive lore has made the world and future of One Piece clearer and more uncertain than ever.

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