One Piece anticipated the return of a major villain in history

One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga series within the Industry, and it is also one of the longest, since it has an immensity of episodes that could be quite overwhelming for newcomers, and that is, their characters are well developed and always find a way to stay in people’s minds.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that this is not the typical anime where the two stereotypes of sides of “Good or Bad” are presented, because the plot of this series is so interesting that each character has its own story. Having a purpose for which to be governed and carry out his actions.

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The actions and the course that some characters have taken in the series have earned them the label of villains, since their purposes have been more sinister and dark than previously thought. Recently, One Piece has intentionally revealed the return of a controversial and important villain of this work. Next, we tell you the details.

Which villain is about to return?

One Piece has entered its final stretch and with this several unexpected revelations have been made. During the Wano arc, many unknowns surrounding this island have been discovered, explaining why Kaido was interested in it. Wano has kept an important secret for many, many years, which, when made public, will make him an easy target for villains.

In chapter #1056 of the manga, Nico Robin has revealed to Luffy and his other nakamas that in the depths of this island is the ancient weapon Pluto. She has obtained this information through the Road Poneglyph found in a secret room below the palace. However, while she is telling her classmates about this incredible find, they have not noticed that Caribou is listening to the whole conversation from the shadows.

He mentions that “someone” will be happy to find out that Pluto is hiding in Wano. Without a doubt, this “someone” that Caribou has mentioned is obviously the worst villain that One Piece can have. Nothing more and nothing less than Blackbeard, since this fearsome pirate is obsessed with achieving the greatest possible power at all costs, because, as he demonstrated during the events of Marineford, he will not rest until he achieves his mission.