One Piece anticipates a new attack for Luffy’s Gear Fifth and it looks epic

The new attack that has been shown of the Gear Fifth looks very epic.

This new attack from Luffy’s Gear Fifth has shown that his power is only limited by his imagination.

The extensive arc of Wano changed the course of the plot forever, since in this one they could be appreciated great revelations that shocked the followers of the work, because during the journey of the Straw Hats on this island, Luffy awakened the true power of his Devil fruit, obtaining an incredible transformation called Gear Fifth.

Gear Fifth was used by Luffy to defeat Kaido and free Luffy. Wano from the clutches of this tyrant who had been oppressing its inhabitants for two decades. However, little is known about this new transformation that has taken everyone by surprise, since Initially it was thought that the Devil fruit of this pirate was of the Paramecia type, but it turned out to be of the Mythological Zoan type, being one of the strangest and oldest that exists.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth had not been shown again since the Wano arc. But that has recently changed, since during the events of Egghead, this pirate has used this form again in his battle against Rob Lucci, and has shown a new attack that looks really epic. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1070 of the One Piece manga.

Gear Fifth’s new attack looks extraordinary

Luffy's Gear Fifth has been a truly unexpected transformation

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has been a truly unexpected transformation

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has been a complete surprise to everyone in One Piece, as this new form of the Straw Hat, comes from the Sun God Nikaallowing you to use the abilities of this powerful entity and shape the environment to your liking.

It should be noted that it is Little is known about the history that surrounds the luffy devil fruitsince the World Government has been in charge of erasing all the information regarding this Akuma No Mi, for this reason, many things about the Gear Fifth are unknown, only that its powers are limited only by the imagination of its bearer, this being a clear sample of the overwhelming force that the Straw Hat has acquired at the moment.

On the other hand, the recent events in Egghead have served for Luffy to make use of this transformation again, since he is facing Rob Lucci, an old acquaintance who he has also awakened the power of his devil fruitgiving the Straw Hat a majestic fight and filling the fans of this series with nostalgia, since this was one of the first villains that Luffy had to face when he was making his way to his adventures in the sea.

Luffy and Rob Lucci's fight in Egghead fills fans of the series with nostalgia

Luffy and Rob Lucci’s fight in Egghead fills fans of the series with nostalgia

During the development of the Jump Festa, a preview of the Chapter # 1070 of the mangain which it has been possible to observe a Luffy’s new Gear Fifth attack that looks epic. In this panel you can see that the Straw Hat, making use of his abilities, turns a tube into a kind of giant rubber slingshot to propel himself towards Lucci at overwhelming speed, hitting him in the chest with a powerful attack called Gomu Gomu no Don Rocket.

Gomu Gomu no Don Rocket, is the name of Luffy's Gear Fifth's new attack.

Gomu Gomu no Don Rocket, is the name of Luffy’s Gear Fifth’s new attack.

This brutal attack almost went through Rob Lucci’s body, dealing a lot of damage to him apparently. Furthermore, this confirms Gear Fifth’s ability to shape the opponent’s body, no matter how strong his armor Haki is, giving some hints of the Straw Hat’s incredible power.

Likewise, in this panel it can also be seen that before launching his brutal attack on Lucci, Luffy creates some aviator glasses wearing her hairproving that his abilities are only limited by his own imagination.

Undoubtedly, there are still many attacks to discover and see from Gear Fifth, but everything seems to indicate that they will be very epic, since they will only be limited to luffy’s imagination He has proven to be very creative.